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Url: employs a multitude of deceptive methods that are used to gain the trust of men searching for women to hook up with. All these methods are used to entice and basically con you into buying a paid membership.

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Every female on the site is beautiful (this is unrealistic and a major read flag).
  2. Receiving numerous emails from women shortly after registering as a free member.
  3. After you upgrade to a paid membership all the emails from women stop abruptly.
  4. No phone number is easily available to contact the company.
  5. Receiving instant messages while browsing the members area.

scam How Does The Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. Emails supposedly being sent from local women flood your inbox. If you try to respond to these emails you are sent to an upgrade page where you are requested to purchase a full monthly subscription to email these women back. After signing up on the site our team received 5 emails within one hour of creating a free account on the site.
  2. The use of computer bots are deployed by to send out emails that are created to emulate a real woman emailing you.
  3. When our team was investigating on the site we received instant messages, that were identified as computer generated messages.
  4. The use of photos of attractive looking women are used through out the site to lure men into upgrading to a paid monthly subscription.
  5. The use of fake dating profiles (specifically female profiles) that have model photos and fake information are once again used to deceive free members into upgrading to contact the woman in the profile.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: None found
  • Address: 42, Dositheou Street Strovolos Nicosia 2028 Cypress

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Owner: Kamparri Trading Ltd.
  • Address: 42, Dositheou Street Strovolos Nicosia 2028 Cypress
  • Phone: +357.22671943
  • Email:

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on all the information we have received it is strongly recommended that you halt using of

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 3 reviews
by Kyle on
I've been scammed

Hey, I signed up for this site years ago and found out shortly there after that it was a scam as the other reviews claim. So after using my promo 3 month package I unsubscribed taking my loss shamefully. However I just received notice that they have been billing me for 4 years now without them giving notice or me knowing it claiming I never unsubscribed completely. SO far the bill is high and as it mentions there is no contact info for me to find out why this happened. Im getting really screwed by a site that mas meant to get me screwed (mission accomplished). Im trying to find out if there is any way I can get help to fight this or if anyone else has had the same problem. Thanks for reading.

by A on

Yup, a scam - same functionality as,, etc. Even has the same pictures and same names. You know the saying: caveat emptor....

Yes they use the same fictitious profiles through out the network of sites they own (,,, etc...)

by joe on

Total scam. If you don't believe it then ask for a phone will not get one. Same goes for Xpressdate....same company same scam.

, ,


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  1. Reply Dave Mitchell 13/10/29

    I want to say first off this is not what “XXXMatch.Com” was evidently known as. I joind the business for one reason, and only one reason. And that was for a extra Curricular activity outside my marriage. The site was rated as the top 3 sites in all ratings reviewed, and there was quite a few.
    I got on and signed up I believe might have been the day they changed to Since that time, I have found the site to be everything but what stated. Full of sex commercial ads blanketing the main paige as one is trying to view others. Pop up commercials all the time. Other paid sites allowed to infiltrate your email, & making it look like they are the company. I will be turning them over to the BBB for poor practices after I blast them for all the garbage. I also find absolutely know way to communicate outside the network with anyone, which brings up a point of if they are real or not? Totally 100% dissatisfied with the network!!!!
    I can say honestly their competitor the Friends Finder Network has far better practices than this network, and I will be heading back to them following my

  2. Reply lively man 14/01/02

    The site is in conjunction with xxxconnect as the same profiles appear on both, so i expect it’s just as fake

  3. Reply mysquidstick 14/02/18

    I will say I have met one person through this site. Actually it was when I did. She went through the if I remember correctly. We are still friends today, but I will say I agree with the previous comments. This site is filled with fake women and I believe it is the company’s tactics in scamming money from you. If you as for a name I always get a weird name, especially for a white girl. Examples: Anique, Kaydian, etc. They always respond saying they want to meet, but when ask to or to communicate by other means, the answer is they prefer to keep communicating via the site only. Not even through xxxlove’s IM or video chat. Definitely a scam. Go somewhere else is my opinion.

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