Wondering If SeekBang.com Is A Scam, Read This



Name Of Site

Url: www.SeekBang.com

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. The amount of photos of nude women is overwhelming.
  2. The female dating profiles on this site are for the most part fictitious.
  3. As soon as you register on SeekBang.com and log on to the site chat windows start popping up.
  4. The site use private registration to hide the true identity of the owners of the site.

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. This site uses photos of nude women all over the place. This dating site almost looks like a porn site. If all these women were real then having so many nude females would be a different story. But this site is using images of women who aren’t even members of the site. Most of the photos you see of nude women on the site are fake. These photographs are used merely as a marketing tool to deceive you into upgrading so you can send emails to the women in the photos. But the problem of course is that if you try  to contact any of these women you will not get a response back because they don’t exist.
  2. Another way this site tries to deceive and play head games with you is the use of fake instant messages. These messages are sent you people as soon as you are in the members area. There is no females sending out these messages, it’s all a scam. If you want to reply to any of these phony messages you will need to upgrade to a paid monthly membership.
  3. Just like the phony photos of women, lots of the dating profiles are also completely fabricated as well. The same marketing tactic applies, in order to communicate with the women you will once again need to upgrade and buy a paid membership. But the women in these dating profiles don’t even exist, so it’s a complete fraud.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: 1-866-883-4978 or Local: 1-925-264-3473
  • Addresses:

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name:
  • Address: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 USA
  • Email: SEEKBANG.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
  • Phone: (480) 624-2599
  • Registered On: April 21, 2009
  • Dns Servers: ns10.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns11.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns12.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns13.dnsmadeeasy.com, ns14.dnsmadeeasy.com,
  • Host Location: 4210 Creyts Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48917 USA

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 2/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

SeekBang.com is of course not a legitimate dating site. It is strongly recommended to stay away from this service.

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  1. Reply Marcus 13/11/15

    Yeah… and I’m wondering where you get all that info… either you were a member (and were such a douche that you need to take your anger out at the entire website) or you just own the competition (which makes this report more of a scam than the website. Not to mention, free advertisement for his own website.)

    I have been a member for about 6 months. And my girlfriend and me have had the best of times searching for a 3some. Thus far a have had 4 in Holland and 2 in Belgium.
    Now you tell me if it’s a scam or not.

    • Reply Admin 13/11/15

      Marcus well obviously it worked for you because you are looking for a threesome. Try being a SINGLE male looking for a girl then it becomes a scam right away! Any single male will tell you exactly what I know, it DOES NOT work for single men at all because of all the fake women on the site! We speak the truth! And great it worked for you but try if you are a guy looking for women, very different story. Research and check other reviews on SeekBang.com, they state the same problems as we do.

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