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exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Every girl on the site looks like a porn model.
  2. You get emails pouring right after you sign up with a free account to the site.
  3. Instant messages from women interested in you are received right after you sign up.

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. A tell tale sign that any dating site is a scam is when every single girl on the site is beautiful. is full of beautiful girls. The reason this site has fake women is very simple. First off there are not enough real women on the site so this site actually creates fictitious profiles to make it seem that the site has hundreds if not thousands of beautiful women. All of these females are completely phony, including all the information in their dating profiles.
  2. 24 hours after creating our dating profile on this site for this investigation we had a total of 11 emails from “interested women”. The truth is that all these emails are phony. The women sending us messages are not real. They are part of the same scam above and that is fictitious dating profiles. The emails are sent to free members using an automated software program. There are no women actually sending messages, it is all a deception so you look at the email messages and try to respond back to them. When you try to communicate back to the replies you are sent to an upgrade page to purchase a paid membership, and that is what this is all about.
  3. Any instant messages received are all completely phony as well. These messages follow the same scam as outlined above, which is to to push you into purchasing a monthly subscription. None of the messages are genuine, they are  sent to people logged into the site using a software program that sends out messages that appear to be sent from real women.
  4. The terms and conditions discuss in detail the use of automated software bots and fake profiles in detail. These are the most important  parts you should be aware of: “You acknowledge that some of the profiles and Members displayed to them may be fabricated to promote user, Member and/or Subscriber activity and participation in all the Services. The VC services may include the posting of information, pictures and communication to the user, Member and/or Subscriber’s profile. Read the rest of the terms here in section 9.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Owner: JDI Dating Ltd.
  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: 1-888-408-5785
  • Address: Station House North Street Havant, HAMPSHIRE PO91QU Great Britian

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Address: PO BOX 639  KIRKLAND, WA 98083 US
  • Phone: 1.4259744730
  • Host Location: 223 West Jackson Suite 600 Chicago, Ill 60606 USA

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: o/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experience: 0/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

From the evidence, terms and conditions and our experience with this site, it is recommended to not purchase any membership on this site.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by BobbyG on
Little girl scam artists

Have had a lot of response. Got 6 month membership for only $32.
Thought I had found the real thing as I picked this site as recommended as one of the best. Many responses saying my profile is vague or empty when it is actually quite thorough.
My major complaint is all these 'girls' (hardly women) are only interested in 'camming'. I bought into a couple that seemed sincere only having been asked to sign up for multiple sites and always 'this is the last step. Many from out of town saying they are currently residing in my city.
I have had to cancel 2 debit cards and probably have to do the same with my Paypal card.
One girl had to 'cam' to prove I wouldn't beat her up and at least 2 claim that they are tired of being victims. Give me a break.
Don't waste your time.

Hi Bobby,
Most women on the site are fake and the ones who want to cam are paid to cam with you. You need to pay on a per minute basis to cam with them. It's of course all a con to get you to pay to view them. You can never meet any women on this site. Thanks for commenting.

by M Weston on
Scam is the correct word.

Will make short and simple, the site is a total scam. You will get winks and requests but most replies seem to be machine replies, I have had the same canned reply from the same virtual girl when I asked a question. It is also funny that al. This countries single women live in a handful of NJ TOWNS...not spread out. Glad I only signed for 3 months. Would give 0 stars but unable to.

by Richard Bobo on
The worst of the worst

I gave it 1 star, because -100 stars wasn't available. I've joined 5 different dating services, and naughty over 40 is without a doubt the worst excuse for a bag full of criminals that I've ever seen. I understand that most of these bottom of the barrel dating sites pad their membership with the occasional fake profile. NO40 doesn't pad. They completely fill their ranks with their own virtual pretend hoes. If you like getting pretend sex, keep watching porn. If you want to meet a real breathing woman, then don't waste your time or money at Naughty Over 40. Believe, the only fucking going on there is the mafia a-holes who run the place fucking the gullible customers. I admit it. They fooled me.

Yeah it's a huge scam, stay away from everyone!!

by David on
Scam Fake

When you go to the front page there isn't even a selection for "women seeking men". There is one "women seeking women & men", and "women seeking women".
women profiles contain phone no. & emails. No way what a scam.
I am sure contacting any of them will insure you are on a spam list.

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  1. Reply unhappy 13/12/08

    I have to agree with this review. Naughtyover40 is ripoff. I joined and after one month and tons of emails sent out, I can tell you guys to not waste your time or $$!!!

  2. Reply disappointed 14/01/13

    I too have had a bad experience with I cannot stop the emails from coming, and when writing to them, they gave me the steps to take but these are fake and do not work.
    Avoid this site, absolutely.

    The only way I see to stop those email is to change it to a bogus one, but will that work?

    • Reply Admin 14/01/13

      What you can do is create a NEW email address just for and then change it to that email address. Make an address specifically for this and never use it for anything else. Perfect idea!

  3. Reply Conartists 14/07/13

    How can these people run criminal enterprises on the internet without getting busted and shut down? They are a total scam, they lie, cheat and steal peoples money, so why are they allowed to remain in business? Fraud is fraud, why are they not prosecuted and shut down?

  4. Reply dennis 14/08/30

    Naughtyover40 is a scam… the profiles that have a V in the upper right corner are Virtual profiles… aka fake profiles… 99% of them have the V.. the ones that are not fakes lives 1000 miles away and are usually CAM girls…. do not… DO NOT waste your money on the site….

  5. Reply Andy 14/09/20

    when you report on their forum that they are a scam your post gets rejected. They don’t want you to tell others that they are thieves and crooks. But, I will tell you here and now

    • Reply Admin 14/09/21

      Yep they are a well organized con created to drain peoples wallets, no legit girls on NaughtyOver40

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