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Url: is a newer mature women dating site has been rapidly gaining popularity. With the popularity of the site, complaints have started to spring up. The site is run by a company called and run other sites such as

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Many of the images of the women on the site seem fake.
  2. The company is located offshore in Gibraltar.
  3. There are negative reviews online with numer0us comments by disgruntled customers

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. The site uses nude images of  women to entice male members who have a free account to upgrade in order to communicate with these women.

contact Company Contact Information

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name: Godefridas Konings
  • Address: Mezzanie West Hadfield House Gibraltar, Gibraltar GX11 1AA
  • Email:
  • Phone: 35020023456
  • Registered On: November, 25, 2012
  • Host Location: 550 W. Baseline Rd Ste 102-302 Mesa, Arizona USA

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness:1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 35 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

From our personal experience, as well as our investigation it is not recommended that you deal with Use the site at your own risk.

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Average rating:  
 84 reviews
by michael shephard on
mega rip-off !

As usual, if something seems to be too good to be true it is. Not only do you have to upgrade from a free membership to a costly one ( usually the premium one) in order to read messages or see pictures, but they ask for your telephone number then charge you accordingly.( I have a pay as you go mobile phone and they ate all my credit up in a few days!)

by Mike Kulka on

Its gotta be a scam. You recive gifht and friend request. Once in awile you get a mssg. You answer these and never, i mean never get a response. I can see maybe women might not be attracted or whatever. But absolutely not one response. They got it down to a science. Got ripped.Its a shame companys gotta scam you to make a buck.SCAMMM

by jared on

why is it still online???wouldt they have figured out that people have figured out its fake.people have doubts about the women being nude but in this hyper-sexualized society its no stretch of the imagination for a young women to take off her clothes and take a selfie. How ever I would like it to be real but all there is is negative reviews

by Mark Fenton on

Logged on for free trial,got 14 messages first 2 days,a cpuple may have been from real people,but couldnt answer without tokens.Bought tokens and tried to contact,bit no answer.Then bought 3 day trial vip membership, got billed for 6 mos, Got that corrected,started gettimg txts and messages from fantasy girls.Tried to txt a couple that seemed somewhat real,but got txt back grom zombies that wouldnt answer a single question ,using up tokens.Still get messages from women, fantasy zombies.Havent been able to look at profiles or contact a human as of yet

by Hugh on
Contact the Washington State Attorney General's offices

Contact the state attorney general for the state of Washington. This business, Milfaholic, is owned by Enom, Inc, out of Kirkland, Washington. Info available from any WHOIS engine for The consumer complaint offices said they wait for a critical mass of complaints to the office before taking steps to investigate and prosecute offenders. They are availabe Washington State time from 10:00 to 3:00PM M-F.

If you use the webtool TINEYE, you can verify where the porn pictures originated, and that most of the girls on the Milfaholic site are not real. The site entirely represents all across all its pages that these real beauties are waiting for you locally and hard up enough to want to date you. Surprise. I could make a lot of money if I was selling the Brooklyn Bridge, and made people believe that I really owned it... other websites for singles use real women, and they are not as nearly good looking as these women, so the money goes to Milfaholic because they appear to be the best single site on the web, when in fact, they are the worst. If I would have known, I would certainly never have spent a penny there. There are SOME real women on the site, but they live miles and miles from you, and you probably will never meet them. Most of the real women are looking for a boyfriend or a husband, and are not waiting to date a sixty year old for a quickie, for instance, unlike what they state in the fake women's ads, mostly written by third party company writers, as confessed in the Terms of Service fine print, heavily coded deep into the text as FANTASY CUTIES. Good luck. Shop for women elsewhere. Church is a better place to pick up women than

by Leonard Paris on
Nigerian Scam

I want to tell about what I am currently going through. The site is a scam and just about everything negative all you guys wrote happned to me. Plus they offer customer support but never do anything. I am a decent looking guy and I too have received no response, Except one! and she is hot but of course , guess where she now lives...Nigeria. Look up meyertracy87 and tell me she isn't hot. She got me because she claimed to be down to earth and all this bullshit about wanting an honest man cause all men have treated her badly. I also, noticed the same thing about the cities that are small just outside of Richmond. I live in Richmond Va and she put Colonial Heights ( a dumpy litte town) and the I noticed an inordinate number of women from their and Aylett. I don't even know where that is. Anyway I want to warn and get advice. Of course I am not gonna send the 7200 dollars she wants. But I have ben stringing her along for two weeks.I wanted to bust her.. She is talking about us getting married...blah blah blah and she just wants an honest caring relationship. Go look at her and tell me she isn't a model or porn actress. She has big fake boobs and great body..Ok here is the story. She went to UCLA growing up in Denver.. SHe was treated badly by her redneck husband who "messed up her life". Ok now she claims she is an accountant, so what is the worst he could have done without her noticing or fixing it. Maybe they cosigned and it knocked her credit score down but Christ that happens every day. So because of that she moved to the great town of Colonial Heights.. So she is from two of the most hip and metropolitan cities in the country...with a degree from UCLA I might add.. and she decides to live in Colonial Heights. SHe then married a sheik and moved to Nigeria to work for an "oil conglomerate" as an auditor. ( this oil co has no name)Her sheik was married already..again she wasn't smart enough to research that before marriage.. and now what happened is they stole her passport and the 500 k they owe her and she has no way home..Cant you just claim lost passport and have it sent?Then get a plane ticket and get out. But no she wants us to start our new life together...after I send her 7200 so she can get her passport and plane ticket.. I am warning you and if anyone has a comment feel free and don't worry she will not get a dime from me.. But check her out she is hot alledgedley


by Prof M on

Disappointing, that's my first reaction. A customer is invited to try a site on a three day trial for about nine dollars, roughly a 1/3 of the total monthly cost with "VIP" status. I tried it, thinking, at that price, I'd get a good idea of what I'd get if I went to full membership. But the nine bucks gets you nothing except frustration and disappointment. I canceled my membership within 40 minutes, but was still charged the trial fee. The site is deceptive. And there are many other ways these people are cheating, especially in the gift/token department.

by DT on
total scam

Complete scam. Used same picture of same girl with different user name and different town and state. Not only are they scam artists, they aren't too good about it. Luckily for us. Really, I have to give it one star to have my comments published?

by DT on
total scam

Complete scam. Used same picture of same girl with different user name and different town and state. Not only are they scam artists, they aren't too good about it. Luckily for us. Really, I have to give it one star to have my comments published?

by John D. on
Scam Site

This site is a total scam. Nothing about it is legit. Shortly after registration of my email with the site, it wasn't long before I was messaged by a woman claiming to be from Grimes, Pa. I knew right there that this was a scam. Grimes is not any kind of incorporated city or town. It's an interstate ghost town of shut down truck washes, boarded up diners, and closed rest stops-the result of a section of the highway being relocated a short distance north. Grimes is the company name of the abandoned and seemingly endless tractor trailer/mobile home/school bus junkyard that inundates the area and straddles the old highway on both sides for almost a mile in either direction. Signs labeled "Grimes" mark the old interstate exit that still remains. I am also continuously being emailed by dozens of porn star type girls from a nearby town called Host, Pa. Host consists of a blinking traffic light, 4 houses, and a church. I actually had a girl who messaged me from outside the site, and was supposedly "vacationing" in the the area, agree to meet me. She insisted that it be at her" safe" location, which I already know to be a drug and gang infested housing project. This site borders on evil and is calculated theft. Check your bank statements to make sure that they are not still charging your credit or debit card after you unsubscribe, have a laugh at yourself and chalk it up to experience.

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  1. Reply david chavez 13/09/30

    They use pictures. But there is no response to text messages they are base in california. Numbers are in sequence which i though it was weird. Also email messages never get answer . Even when the other party sippost to be requesting a email or text which they force you to purchase text tokens

    • Reply richard lee 14/01/20

      hey bro. I already know how this site is not cool all bad they got me but a lesson learned I should of seen
      it coming best of luck to ya on finding something real later

  2. Reply Like to remain slient 13/10/09

    This website is a piece of shit. JOKE, rip off, not worth shit

  3. Reply Ron 13/10/10

    This site is a scam, no lady’s will respond to you. It’s a set up.
    This is the company that handels there payments
    Call 855-603-2119 and if you tell them it’s a scam and you want there money back they will credit your card.

    • Reply Kenneth 13/11/08
    • Reply rich 14/01/05

      Did you get your money back, Yea no doubt a scam. I live next to the town she said she was from and asked where that was located. Another time a got a response the next day and said she was out doing laundry. I can go on.

    • Reply Johnathon 14/01/11

      This is NOT the number to Milfaholic. This is a completely different website what can’t offer any support for that site. When I called I was told they did not support that site and the only advice they could give was to go to the customer service section on milfaholic and do live chat. (No one answered there either).

      • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

        Hey Jon they use a professional answering service to take calls because I talked to one of the operators that was kinda cool with me and she told me they get a lot of calls from people
        complaing about the service and told me to be careful so whats that tell you well you already know
        they are dirty take care bro.

    • Reply Not Ron 14/01/11

      Just an FYI, Ron must have multiple porn site and/or dating accounts and gotten the customer support phone numbers messed up. The number he provided does NOT provide customer support for “Milfaholics,” and calling them will only waste everyone’s time and probably just make you even more angry. I’m not sure why you’d bother calling a phone number that some random guy left in the comment section here as opposed to the phone number listed at the top of the page, which is 1-866-883-4978. Try that one and if they’re not able to help you there, then ask your bank to help you determine the contact information for them.

    • Reply daniel 16/09/20

      bro I just separated from a wife of 25 years never cheated on my life but where can guys like us get fucked bro

  4. Reply steve 13/10/12

    100% SCAM and FRAUD…. Hackers have at ’em….

  5. Reply Keven 13/10/13

    This site is a scam. I don’t get no responses from any of the women thru e mails. I want my money back. It’s gull of shit. I want my money back and I want it credited back to my credit card.

  6. Reply ranti 13/10/16

    I have joined Milfaholics! I am getting a lot of response from women! granted that some of these women look like models,but some look like the girl next door, They appear to be super horny in their emails. I have a lot of them want to chat! one wants to meet me! she is asking me! she is a doll! I am going to see if this is real! I am going to make a date, take her out and I will get back to you. to see if this is real, or a scam! The problem with some Men is that they are overweight,they show their junk, and and act rude or crude!these are not prostitutes!They are horny cougars,in order to real one in you have to win their trust, engage them, have them feel comfortable,earn their respect, a lot of them are neglected wives! IN SHORT! YOU HAVE TO PLAY THEM! if you pull the hook hard, the fish will get away, you have to gently pull, sex is scary to most women, also men are scary!Most women want a man who is confident! they ask to be treated like a woman! these are not whores!

    • Reply rem 13/10/26

      Your a MORON!

    • Reply RAT 13/12/03

      I joined milfaholic about a month ago, I got a few flirts, sent out alot of e-mails but never even got a single reply, even from those that had flirted with me. Last week I sent a message to 50 people that the site said were on line at that time. My message was “Are you real, or is this site a fake, please let me know?”. I got no reply’s.

    • Reply Larry 13/12/28

      I have actually met a couple of women here. i at first thought it was a scam, but BAM one in my city and another an hour from me.
      It is true too that you have to act and treat them as ladies, not whores even if the show nudity.
      I do have to admit one tho….It does seem like all of the women ave huge breasts. The women I met had b cups.

      • Reply Admin 13/12/29

        If you met women on this site you are in the minority, good for you if you actually did. I find it hard to believe though…

        • Reply Randy Pearson 17/05/28

          Most of the ladies on this site harvested from Townsend only have two to five hundred people in them and in this case 100 of them are horny women that are in Milfaholic I get lots of responses have left my number on the site 20 times nobody calls it’s just another scam

      • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

        they might have a few to make it look good but don’t bite or you will get bit I wont mess with them
        its not worth my time later

      • Reply Callin' U on Ur Bullshit 14/02/28

        No you didn’t.

      • Reply john moyers 14/07/30

        No, you did not meet anyone from this sham.

        I “was killing time”-knowing it was fake- I did not realize the “depravity” of lures they use, though, for losers and failures to view webcams and other ongoing fleeces!

        This site is over the top. I am going to work with attorney general to criminally prosecute these assholes. Like stealing from handicapped people-they are evil.

      • Reply john moyers 14/07/30


        You are a liar

    • Reply richard 14/02/21

      This guy ranti obviously works for milfaholic.

      • Reply Callin' U on Ur Bullshit 14/02/28

        I’m pretty sure Larry does as well. In fact, they’re most likely the same person.

  7. Reply Dwayne 13/10/22

    100% for the trial and they bill full month automatically. You’re baited by attractive women who # in the 100s, all whom are local! even in cities with 2000 people theres 100s!!! You’ll get 2-3 messages a day but none of them respond. The give aways are: 1:Multiple accounts with the same picture. 2:Broken English in “local” profiles. 3: Repeat messages from same people….even after response.

    • Reply Ratty 14/03/18

      Dwayne,,,your the guy thats hit on the head. I live on a very small Island in England and the first thing I was presented with was a large number of good looking women in one of the towns. I can promise you,,there ain’t that many good looking women in that town. Just too many to be a reality. That told me its 100% fake from the start.

  8. Reply Big John 13/10/26

    Absolute scam… as reported by others, I appear to be living in the midst of 100’s horny women within a 10 mile radius. Use Google to do an image search after saving a picture and you’ll find it has been used on numerous websites under so many different names. I even found one where they has changed the head so well I couldn’t see the join!! Absolute scam. I shall be contacting EPOCH billing to get my money back.

  9. Reply Xbull 13/10/26

    Total scam site! Zero responses to messages, also I opened up a second trial account only using a different location. The same women who supposedely lived near me now live across the country where I set up the second account. Don’t waste your money.

  10. Reply PW 13/11/01

    A lot of effort goes into making this site look real, but after a month of attempting to interact, I never, ever had a response. So have to agree that it is a scam.

  11. Reply Richard 13/11/01

    I tested this site– Complete FRAUD!
    I know everyone in this one town they’were listing.
    Did not reecognize any of the women, no way there could be that many unhappy in marriage and go naked online from that one little town.
    When you click on one, it builds a memory que. Soon you get generated/canned messages, then quickie request, then friendship request from that same person.
    They Never answer a message or if they do, it is the same canned message they already sent.
    If you send multiple messages to one, poof, they are now offline.
    Even the fully clothed, not so good looking, women that you think might actually be real– not.
    I’m a decent/average looking, well built guy.
    I sent out over 300 messages to the most below average looking women and never received a SINGLE legitimate reply or chat response from one REAL person.


    TOTAL SCAM! Keeps you running in circles for hours.

    • Reply Kenneth 13/11/08 Cyber fraud don’t complain do something

    • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

      these so called wives got to be real stupid or real horny if she puts her ass on-line but ass naked for
      the whole world to see what about her old man seeing her on this site or any person he knows
      is gonna tell him and what is gonna say oh well I don’t think so its just to fake and women don’t
      play that close to take that kind of risk and they talk shit about there man come on that’s way stupid
      but you figure it out old mack donald

  12. Reply TKB 13/11/12

    I just want to know how to get my money back ? does any one know how i can get my money back. please email me . i tryed to call no answer 855 603 2119 i try to email cant send

    • Reply Admin 13/11/26

      Cancel your credit card if you have to.

      • Reply Ratty 14/03/18

        Admin,,,what I cannot understand is that it seems as if only anything to do with “porn” or “sex” is allowed to have a continious payment removal from a credit card. A rolling bill as it where.
        I don’t know of any other product where your card is continually billed monthly and have to stop the billing by some form of activation. (I am English).
        Got any idea to why this is?

    • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

      get in touch with the district attorneys office explain the incident tell him to check out all these people
      on this site so he can see what they said and he will investigate it and you should be able to
      get something but try and see good luck

    • Reply prof M 14/12/02

      Call the number on the back of the credit card you used and tell them you want to dispute the charge. They like to hear that you have called the culprits and asked for a refund, so say that you have, and then tell the agent the full story. Ask your card company to add these milfaholics to their list of questionable businesses and refer them if necessary to the numerous complaints on this page.

  13. Reply Joe 13/11/16

    Think about it, what self respecting woman would sign up for a sight called

    • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

      Hey Joe what up yeah I hear you but we know they are not respectful women but there is lots of toss
      ups out there wanting to get something or anything they can however they can but the bottom line
      is that I and you and all these other guys on here don’t think its real and I think they are just playing
      this dating game as a hussle but act like a women and sign up for there service and see what happens
      I did and they put me through a lot of changes and I just gave up you be the judge take care joe

  14. Reply Jim 13/11/24

    Do not waste your money on this site you have to buy tokens to talk to the girls it’s a scam stay away from this site it needs to be shut down its a scam

  15. Reply Frank 13/12/03

    Same thing for me lots of emails no response

  16. Reply Tom v 13/12/07

    Just did a month for 18.00 and did a pre written letter to paste to all emails that were sent to me and to use for out mail. NO responses at all. Did have a small conversation with a woman in Texas which is 1200 miles away! Lol but no thing local and I sent over 300 messages out! Such a rip off! Back to the bars I go!

  17. Reply drg 13/12/12

    All I can say is I am experienced with Internet dating and didn’t bother to join. It didn’t pass the eye test. They had pages upon pages upon pages of profiles in my area and the surrounding areas, and there is absolutely no way there are that many women looking.

  18. Reply lighting32 13/12/22

    Full on scam. even put my other email address and burn phone cell number in the my bio…zip ..nada p hackers ne need to do this site up….save your money…everything you read before this is all true total RIPOFF…

  19. Reply GB 13/12/22

    I can also atest to the site as being a total fraud. I was lured in also an after the 3rd day now and no one replying to me I did as some others and put in the message if this site was for real and no messages or texts . So I too am going to call and try to get refunded. Learned a lesson their. That is what happens when you let the wrong head do the thinking. Research stuff out before giving them your credit card number.

  20. Reply BigNoyd 13/12/24

    Skam !!! Add me too sucka list ! What a joke !

    • Reply Admin 13/12/27

      Sorry you got ripped off from Milfaholic. Now you will be much more aware at least.

  21. Reply Milford Newman 13/12/28

    Yeah they got me to. to bad there wasn’t away to do something. Free enterprise sucks at times.

  22. Reply fstcarzfstladies 13/12/29

    do not call the number for text messages.. they dont tect back, also you get billed 20 cents for every text you get saying text me.. wether you do or dont. damn… if i get 20 cents for every text sent out.. say 2000/ day.. addds up quick when can i start???

  23. Reply iamhabit 14/01/05

    Glad I came here. I finally put 2 and 2 together and came up with the exact same thing as everyone here did. I’ve already paid for 1 month but am cancelling immediately. No responses. Everything seems computer-generated. Only a handful of cities used. Lesson learned. I’m mad at myself for not doing the due diligence (I do it for everything else). Wish there was a way to collectively shut this site down.

  24. Reply rich 14/01/05

    I do get texted back, but its always at 3 or 4 in the morning, And get asked what you doing, DUH! Sleeping, they must be in another time zone. Or they say get back to them, And i text back in less than a minute and no answer . Then i realized , when you text them back they take a token, so there just trying to get you to use up your tokens to buy more.

    • Reply richard lee 14/01/21

      hey rich you are so right they got this rigged to play it like you are really getting something but in
      reality you get nothing but played enough complaints to internal affairs and it will get investigated
      I acted like a women went on tried to sign up and they just ran me around and I gave up its a joke
      but these cats more likely have a lot of other sites and scams in many different names the almighty dollar

  25. Reply honestyohniss 14/01/07

    yeah ty 4 being here i’ve studied a lot of sites seeing these patterns if there’s any getting our money back from & i saw similar patterns last year damn the hours waisted with no 1 home they were full of the come 2 my site need ur credit card no charge just proof of age required with all kinds of hidden fees if u don’t unclick things & even in the site click the wrong thing charges galore ty again 4 ur posts

  26. Reply honestyohniss 14/01/08

    Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are not currently in a chat session.

    Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Hazel’

    Hazel: Hello, how may I help you today? hello i want 2 know who the fruad is have U seen this my mother’s young sister is hazel & i have hazel eyes now i want 2 meet a real woman or my money back or iam going public ur response will B posted on the site

    Hazel: I haven’t seen that fraud before

    Hazel: alright if that’s what you want iam tired of being lied 2

    Hazel: what do you want me to do with your account? r u giving me my money back?, i haven’t anything by generic flirts & hellos since i been there

    Hazel: let me see

    Hazel: What is the email address you signed up with? (your email address) zoosk accused me of being fraud but gave me my money back just because iam 2 weird 4 their kind my name i had the same thing with 2 sites last year

    Hazel: i’m sorry to hear that

    Hazel: Just a moment please, while I look that up.

    Hazel: sir, your billing is already cancelled iam saying the site i posted says that site is a fraud i want my money back as if i can B paid back 4 the time i waisted there

    Hazel: Please contact this number Toll Free: 1-(800)-893-8871; Email Billing Support: yeah pass the buck

  27. Reply RJS 14/01/08

    I was viewed 420+ times sent 140 friend request over 150 offers to connect and once you show interest or purchase estra cost text and after their advances, you don’t hear from them anymore, I live in a very small populated county 25,000 and it is totally impossible to have hundreds and hundreds of women wanting to have sex and cheat on their husbands. The percentages do not calculate especially that I know hundreds and hundreds of people in the county I live in and its impossible not to see anyone on this site that I know. Rating is no stars but I had to check one to go forward with this. Totally fucking impossible. Ain’t that somethin

  28. Reply lt 14/01/09

    Call I was told Im getting a refund

  29. Reply Kevin 14/01/16

    I am reporting this charge to Paypal. Milfaholic is a fraud. They show profiles of dozens and dozens of white woman from Riverdale IL. But Riverdale is entirely black. Basic research you scammers.

    • Reply Admin 14/01/16

      Good for you Kevin, you should have no problem getting your money back.

  30. Reply DR M 14/01/17

    I had checked this out prior to getting onto the website, decided that the UNICEF Scammers would be fun to play with again, I had latched onto one on a dating website previous. To my surprise, I not latched on one scammer, but three, all of whom I believe may have been the same person. The same story as on the other site, make a friend, get intimate conversation going, and then when they think they got you, they pull out the I need money to pay for food, then onto flight home.
    After two weeks of playing with them I reminded them that a true friendship would never be based on a friend I never met, asking me for a thousand dollars. And further more after checking them out with UNICEF, fraudulent people can be prosecuted to the full extent for this type of action.
    Of course that led them to silence!

    • Reply Admin 14/01/17

      What part of the world are the scammers usually from?

      • Reply Stuart 14/01/21

        I don’t know but i fell for the scam. I called the 3rd party billing company Epoch at 1-800-893-8871 and asked for the charges to be removed. They asked me why and i told them about some of the sites reporting this scam. Before i called Epoch i deleted my profile on Milfaholic and then cancelled my card after speaking with them. Better safe than sorry! From other reports i have read using the customer service help from Milfaholic will get you nowhere and could lead to more charges on your account. Call Epoch they were very helpful.

  31. Reply treedude 14/01/27

    i saw a girl that said she lives in a town very close to me. the town has less than 800 people in it. i know everyone in this town and this girl does not live there.

  32. Reply Jon Willson 14/01/29

    Have learned my lesson. When I saw the 100th. woman from Penwell, TX. ( should have known at the first one ) I knew I had been scammed. Penwell,TX is no longer a town, its an abandoned truck stop and oilfield equipment graveyard. You men are right, complete and total scam. Lets all get our money back!!!!

  33. Reply Niick 14/01/29

    Just like all the other guys here I got tons of introductory email messages asking to see me and asking for more info. All this before I signed up for this bogus site! Whatever you do – DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!!!! You have been warned. I only took a hit for $30. The minute I confirmed the payment transaction – zelch! No more email. Actually it seem to stop my regular email coming in my Hotmail account.
    I did get a message a day later from a lady asking if I could be discreet and one friend request. Neither replied back when I sent a message. Here’s when I knew I had been had. I recognized two porn stars. Sara Jay and the other was Aria Giovanni. Porn stars don’t place ads on single sites! Bottom-line don’t deal with these losers!

  34. Reply roger brown 14/02/13

    I have been to Eldorado, Kansas. There are only a few hundred people there, this site has hundreds of hot women. Really???? Plus I never received a response to a single inquiry to any female. I have been documenting duplicate listings. Anyone up for a law suit? Odd, I live in a large town, but no listings. But the town next to me has a bunch of cheating wives.

    • Reply MacNeillofBarra 14/06/26

      Roger, I LIVED in El Dorado…. there are NO naked women looking for guys there… the good looking ones are married or involved, and the plain ones aren’t on this site either.

  35. Reply A J Wolfie 14/02/15

    Hey, P T Barnum was right – – I’ve lived in same location a L-O-N-G time, know evry road, exit,burrough…most of the women are noted as being fron”….xyz..” and the place isnt even a road-sign…for all those “listed from there”, there’d be 3 exits & flashing lites..I began to see the modus operandi…from the “Flirts”, Friend requests , I responded to 170 and how many replies? Zilch Zip U guessed it.

    I’ve dropped ’em already, & suggest U take more deliberate action ASAP. This is more than a scam, it’s phony, fake, & w/in millimeters from FRAUDULENT ~~ maybe criminal. It’s not fun guys, its a ruse..

  36. Reply BigB 14/02/21

    Pure scam. Bad one too. Easy to figure this one out. They are so stupid they recycled pic from image dap, eroprofile, tac amateurs, world wide wives, and other swinging site. When a so called lady send you her emsil address, these morons can’t even spell right nor edit correctly their text. Bad scam!

  37. Reply aussierager 14/02/22

    Gotta laugh and cry at all the dating sites out there trying to scam lonely peoples money.
    I read all your posts and agree that most if not all cheating wives, milfs etc are nothing but a way to seperate you from your money. I even tried some of the recommended ones here. Hornywives, adultfriendfinder. They r all the same. To contact any you need to supply cc details at $30 minimum p/m. I signed upto hornywives and within 2 minutes had 2 messages from 2 women and i didnt even supply a pic. I could read their message but try to reply and i was directed to cc page.
    Epoch is a major player with these sites but because they r 3rd party company they cant b touched by law in any country. So if the site your about to signup to is billed from epoch then my advice is stay away. Another person here stated a true fact. Who in their right mind would use their picture showing their face if they wanted to cheat on their spouse. Who would put full naked pics on display for the world to see. If you want to get laid then go to a bar or a brothel. If you use your brain just a little you should realise these dating/cheating sites are made to target lonely, ugly, older males. Even an ugly female could get sex at a pub. Be warned

  38. Reply Chris 14/03/10

    Ok we have established this site is BOGUS … But what are some sites that are THE REAL DEAL.?? I know of the big name dating/match making sites ; eharmoney, match, etc. SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF SOME SITES THAT ARE REAL AND NOT BS.. Some sites other than the big eharmoney/ match, sites. ?? I know of one that is worth checking out, and they have a app , it is : That site is pretty good.. Not as open/ vulgar as the talk on milfaholic but it’s atleast real.. ANYONE ELSE THAT KNOWS ONE OR SOME PLS POST THEM ON HERE IF YA DONT MIND…. Thx !!!!

  39. Reply wondering 14/03/12

    hey I found emails from this cite in my boyfriends email. ….I’m just wondering if you have to sign up to get a username and password or if they just randomly send emails with “pre made ” username and password ? ? please answer

    • Reply Admin 14/03/13

      They can send our random emails as I have received emails of this sort in the past from other dating sites. We cannot verify if this was the case of your boyfriend or not. Check the username and password and see if it is something he would use. The user name and password we received from we all randomly generated (we did not pick out our own user name).

  40. Reply William 14/03/13

    Also part of the milfaholic scam is another deceptive site which feeds interest and leads into milfaholic.

    Ironically the name of the feeder site is My Honest Reviews of Hookup Sites

    All the sites recommended by this “honest” review site are fake dating sites.


  41. Reply Becky Lehi 14/03/22

    I am going to give the female version review. I was introduced to the site from my FWB. He was like all of you guys that thought there were all of those hot, horny, women just begging for a hook up. ( I pointed out that a lot of the women were from places in the middle of nowhere that had population of less than 500) His experience has not been typical of what I have read for others. He did not receive any traffic or interest before paying for a membership. But there were women he was interested in so …… After paying he got a few emails on the site, that seemed like canned, generic lines. And He does get response back. But not the answer that you would expect. One lady did respond that she was real. One woman (fully clothed pics, sweet profile) gave an off site email address and he got a really nice normal response back? I did sign on (no pic) and get the alerts on my email that someone has sent me a message (including my friend), but I cannot see them unless I pay. So for all the fraud, I know there are at least two “real” people.

    I am also on the Ashleymadison site. For me it seems legit, I have met one guy in person, and am corresponding with 4- 5 others. It does not cost me anything to message or chat. But, it seems it is costly to the men to do the same. My friend won’t pay, since he things he got burned pretty bad on milf. to see if the women are real and if his experience would be similar to mine. The way ashley seems to work is, you message the other person your personal info, phone no or email, so you can interact outside the site.

  42. Reply David 14/04/21


    • Reply Admin 14/04/21

      Milfaholic is def not the best place to meet milfs, since most profiles are FAKE. Thanks for commenting. Did you lose any $$ on David?

  43. Reply rich 14/04/26

    I thought the site was real. I had only one real woman talk to me without spending the money for tokens. Most women will send you a gift which cost a certain amount of money. They won’t answer you without for the most part without spending money on tokens for gifts. I finally figured it out when a woman I was chatting with asked me my name for the 2nd time after chatting with her for a few weeks. The majority of the women will ask you questions but won’t answer your questions. This site sucks! I don’t think there are but a few real people on it. I get messages from woman from outside my area and country. I want my money back!

  44. Reply lelan bailey 14/05/05

    milfaholic is a scam , i moved from kentucky to arizona and a lot of the ladies in my friends list must have moved with me because now there out here , guys dont waist your money

  45. Reply Daniel 14/06/01

    FAKE.SCAM. – Contacted EPOCH who said they have refunded my money. We shall see… anyone else get a refund?

    • Reply juan gonzales 14/06/13

      how did you get them to refund your money?

    • Reply ernie 14/06/28

      fuck no and you never will either you cant get your hands on them because there in a fucking 3rd world country and whos supporting them dumbasses like us sorry you got ripped I lost 800.00 because im a fucking idiot shit I could have found some hookers cheaper and had more fun

      • Reply Andy 15/03/14

        I agree. Your better off taking the money spent here and getting hookers, Way more fun. I got ripped off for less but I still feel like a fucking idiot shit also.

  46. Reply Eon 14/06/08

    the women on here often times list a podunk suburb so husbands boyfriends children parents and employers dont come across them. if they are active the txt system works but the inactives dont. Some of these women will only chat and masturbate online somewhere with you. There are some extraordinary women that can really float your boat.
    If you are an A**h*** you get what you deserve from them. If you cater to them at least some come around. A lot of them dont want someone they would be interested in for every day life. They want some one that they feel can rock their sexual world a time or two. That is limiting most of the AH men to no luck charlies.
    I mean really..have you seen some of the friends for some of these woman. They may chat with you but would shriek like nails on a chalk board if they really had to meet up with you.
    Thats it in a nutshell. LOSERS

    • Reply Admin 14/06/08

      Hi Eon,

      The women are not real. it’s just a scam to get you to buy a monthly membership but you guessed you can never meet these women in person, EVER!

  47. Reply Dan 14/06/12

    This is what finally got me to realize it was complete fake,was getting multiple messages daily when I received one from a member I knew was a porn star but when I asked if it was her I no longer heard from her then when I started making complaints I quit hearing from anyone at all,if anyone figures out how to get money back from this niggeraguan scam please post.

  48. Reply Dan 14/06/12

    I see eon is another milfaholic worker.

  49. Reply juan gonzales 14/06/13

    this is a scam site. save your money. once you join they don’t contact you anymore. they give your email adrs to other sites and you get spam mail from them. save your money. don’t even bother with them.

  50. Reply ernie 14/06/28

    im another stupid bastard that fell for this piece of shit site I conducted an experiment I was chatting with four edited women every once in a while they would ask me identical questions also you never hear from one all day as soon as one contacts you the other 3 did within a minute of each other when one gets done talking they all do I think im speaking for everyone here I would like to catch the bastard running this site and cut his fucking balls off and feed them to the queer bastard,i hate thieves

  51. Reply Paul Flath 14/06/29

    I should have checked the Internet BEFORE signing up on MILFAHOLIC. Thank goodness I only upgraded for a month. Once I started e-mailing, I either got NOTHING back so like another person said – when you were on-line, then you would get an automatic ” flirt ” or someone wanting to be ” friends ” Of all the e-mails sent, I DID get one back that gave me her personal e-mail address and started talking. She supposedly was 30 and I am 62 but she was ready to have me ” assist ” her with airfare to fly to come see me and ” hang for a few weeks ” REALLY ?
    Sight unseen…..her shown picture – she WAS beautiful but ready to come and meet me – I think she was in escort. My month has expired and did NOT renew. I learned my lesson the hard way and like one other person said – I live in a small town and all the beautiful, sexy, horny, hot big-titted women that live what I do ??? Come. NO GUYS

  52. Reply steve 14/07/09

    a woman somehow contacted mefrom Nigeria and tried to perpetrate a financial scamthat is commonly used and is known by the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission.under the name of Elin_…be careful she’s a milfaholic con..

  53. Reply steve 14/07/09

    this site is being used to scam lonely men out of money.a woman contacted me complete with photos and lentghy e mails every day for a week. she then said that she inherited a large sum of money that was locked in boxes in another country.she wanted my help to get the money to the United States. she supplied a copy of a certificate from a security company…a username and password 20 for an account withFidelity Bank. the bank site allows me access to a ledger showing the amount she claimed to have…she sent me a letter from an attorney. she also sent me the photograph of the money. She said she wants to be with me after only a week and wanted me to help her get the security boxes into the United States and she said if they didn’t have to go through customs because of paperwork that she had….so I took this information and researched it and it turns out that this is an internationally known scam we are the woman claims to be at the airport stuck in customs with her legitimate paperwork but can’t enter the country unless money is sent…I filed formal complaints with the FBI Internet fraud unit and the Federal Trade Commission.this person went under the name of Ellin Mark or these scammers use a random photograph or photographs and pose as the person in the photograph. A hot blonde could actually be a 70 year old man for all you know.they are targeting lonely men, saying what you want to hear in the hopes that because you are lost filled, perhaps you will be greed filled as well…this woman offered to give me half the money in exchange for helping her through the airport. All of this thanks to my lovely decision to join milfoholic. Buyer beware it’s a springboard for scams like this

  54. Reply Tom 14/07/19

    Well, I’ll be an SOB, after reading this entire page, I’m gonna delete my profile & call Epoch to see if I can get my money back or at least some of it back. I noticed a lot of guys that said that they would send out a bunch of friends requests & whatnot then they don’t hear anything from those women, yep same thing with me. I should have done my research before signing up. Thank you for setting me straight.

    • Reply Admin 14/07/19

      glad we could help!

  55. Reply walt 14/08/21

    I had a very similar thing happen as Steve, I was messaging back and forth with this Smoking Hot 26 yr. old , who sent me photos and told me a similar story, her mother had left her and dad when she was young and her dad owned all these oil companies in the US, and abroad, and he past away like 8 or so monthes ago ,so she contacted her father’s partner in Nigeria and when she got there this guy had sold a bunch of the companies, and she was afraid of this guy , so she checked into a Hotel ,and eventually she told me she sold 1 company for 2.8 Million dollars and it was in a place called Midland Security Company , and gave me his name and email ,had me email this guy to have the 2 secured boxes of cash sent to me and for $350.00 International Money Gram that I would send to their company clerk , This so called manager gave Deposit #, Deposit Certificate # , and gave me a security question ,and gave me the answer as well .. I know for a fact that you can’t sent more then $2000.00 in cash on any airline, and no way your going to get them past a Customs check, if they can’t extray through those so called Secured Boxes, they will tear them open , No FUCKING DOUBT !! then they would forward them to my address, and her and I would be arrested no ? about it ,they would set you up , and she is on that site with 10 different user names, but with the same Yahoo email next to her photo ,and I’m sure that if in fact this guy she wanted me to send the money to were the same fucking person ,either male or female, Scamm is not the word for it and I reported her to customer service with all her user names, and she was in fucking Nigeria LOL, WTF right , I cancelled before my 30 days were up ,5-6 different girls HMU, all sayig they are in the area where I live visiting relatives ,and they were all staying at a Hampton Inn right by my house and when Iquestioned that ,no moe replies, FUKING SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reply len 15/01/17

      I just added my comment a few minutes ago.. Wow that is close to mine.. Was she a blond with porn star fake tits? And all her pictures prominently feature them yet she claims she is religious and down to earth and guys never hit on her..See claimed her dad died on a oil rig accident.. Man this whole thing makes me sick. Jesus, people are just disgusting…but she id have a nice rack… Oh yeah she clamed that she was going to be kidnapped..HA Yet she has no money…wow the lies are incredible
      No ,,more for me!

  56. Reply johnaflennory 14/09/02

    Its all fake I sit at a coffee shop for hours waiting to meet someone and they never showed up and I never heard anything from them again. I want my money back how do I cancel my account

  57. Reply Jarrod 14/09/10

    I left a review, but it’s waiting for approval by moderator. I agree the vast majority, maybe 97% or maybe even 99% of the “women” on this dating site’s profiles’ are fake. No doubt. The disproportionate amount of women in small towns and smaller cities in certain areas, but none in other towns and cities in the same area. I live in the North Bay, SF Bay, CA, and there are more “women” on the site that live in Hercules, El Sobrante, and random obscure shit towns than San Francisco and Oakland put together! LOL! Any other real dating site like POF, or have the majority of women from te big cities. It doesn’t add up. All the messages from women are short with little or no puncuation, and mine were all sent on the same day and time within the same half hour on the time stamps! Lol… At least TRY to make it believable, and message me on different days and times! Hahaha! I only got one authentic seeming message, and it was attached to a gift. It was longer and decent, except she lived across the damn country! Lol! My luck, I tell ya… Most of the women only have one pic, and they’re naked or near naked showing their breasts. If a woman has more than one pic, might be the real deal.

    While everyone thinks it’s a complete scam, I do think some real women do sign up and are looming to connect. Needle in a haystack, yes, but not out of the question. If a few guys say they were successful, I believe them. They’re a few of te lucky ones… If you signed up for a year or a few months, don’t give up. You might get lucky. Still try to get your money back if you can, or hang in there… You never know, new women might start joining in droves… That’s what I hope at least. Real women. Optimistic, yes- but I already spent $30, might as well get the best of it…

  58. Reply Jarrod 14/09/10

    TIPS and ADVICE for online dating/ filtering out profiles on hookup sites, ect.

    Hey Guys, I’m taking the extra time, because I actually want to help other guys be successful in meeting women online. More specifically to what I do, meet older women. When on hookup sites, lonely wives, cheating wives, adult friend finder, here are some good pointers:

    When on hookup sites (sex sites, cougar, milf, ect.):
    1.) Still be classy. Being sexy is one thing, being crude is another. Don’t let your boner take over your mind. Keep calm an send something witty, flirty, and a genuine classy compliment. Women are attracted to humor and intelligence before your body or cock. You wonder why ugly or old dudes land these hot babes? Aside from their money, they probably are super smart, and funny, or one of the two.
    2.) Send a brief message to establish interest. Give them a compliment and then ask them to reply with a code word to prove they read your message. ie: Reply using the word: OWL in your reply so I know you’re at least human and reading my message.
    3.) Look for indicators of Authenticity. If you’re on a cheaters, cheating wives website, real cheating women won’t show their face… Look for the cropped photos only showing part of their face, lips only, part of their body. Te probability of them being genuine is higher. Also, look to see if tey put any effort in to fill out the rest of teir profile. Take the time to skim read the profile. You should be able to pick up patterns of the fake ones, and spot real authentic sounding ones. Chances are if the summary or “about me” is pretty long, it’s more likely to be a real woman behind the words. Also, if ahe took the time to fill out most of the stats, height, body type, hair, eyes, religion, ect. On te other end of the spectrum, some cheating wives don’t want to put down a lot of info in fear being caught. Sometimes a profile with not enough info, or no pics even, with a decent about me, might be worth looking into. Won’t know unless you dig…
    4.) Pay attention to Locations- On a site like Milfaholic, where most profiles seem fake, and you notice patterns, like all the same small cities that every woman seems to be in, pay attention to the one town or city that pops up that isn’t common amongst the others. That might be a real woman’s profile. ie: If you search and 20-30 women live in El Sobrante, Vallejo, or Petaluma, CA, but only one in your search lives in Berkeley, most likely that’s an authentic profile.
    5.) Look at the camera they’re using to take the selfie. If it’s not a newer looking cellphone, or camera, most likely it’s fake. Women don’t use old cameras anymore. Most current up to date selfies will be from a cellphone, iPhone 4 or higher, Samsung Galaxy. There are exceptions… But if you see an old bulky camera, they had better be a real photographer? Lol

    That’s not everything, but it should help. I figure we should have some solutions an constructive thigs for guys here, instead of all this defeatism.

  59. Reply Kenny 14/10/05

    How can so called milfaholic get away with this I mean come on people ain’t that stupid you can easily tell it’s a scam the women asking to chat but never replies to your message when you can clearly see it showing they online you only get a few words in a message they send but you can only receive it when you offline nothing adds up it’s to tricky besides there are many other faults you can point out to prove its a scam in this day an age how could these people get away with this it needs shutting down immediately this is fraud

  60. Reply Mike T 14/10/08

    Back to the bars!
    After hearing of all the fake profiles, I thought to play along and do some simple research. First off, if there are real profiles at milfaholic, the site operators are suppressing them. I get a kick from the profiles that have the claim that she is in your town for work or holiday. You live in a Midwestern USA town and her profile pic shows her selfie in front of a mirror. All the European giveaways in the background like wall mounted hot water heaters, euro type electric recepticles, bidets, euro type radiators, etc……
    I could not ever expect a refund, did cancel my card. The next best thing to do was simply enjoy the freak show and make fun of the ugliest profiles by sending accusatory emails.other than that, there is not much you can do.

  61. Reply Kenny 14/10/29

    OMG!!! Milfaholic are you fucking serious? How could cock suckers be robbing people plain blank I used tineye to search all the fake profile pics of these woman and almost none of are members of the site but amateur porn stars pirate photo shoot images isn’t this against the law for such thing? I hope this site get taken down an get sued for fraud

  62. Reply Frank 14/12/03

    Well, I have not read the other remarks on this page. But I will say I got emails, flirts, gifts and so on everyday till the day I subscribe to the site. Then all the communications slowed and then stopped. I would assume the site has bots that contact new comers leading them on until like myself they purchase a subscription.

  63. Reply jp 14/12/28

    just go to epoch and cancel purchase from thier

  64. Reply Scott 15/01/24

    in the terms of service it states that members with the status of Online Cuties are fictitious. that was about 99% OF THE PROFILES

  65. Reply Scott 15/01/24

    t.o.s. states that members with Onlinee Cutie Status are fake. total scam

  66. Reply Ed 15/04/04

    Avoid Milfaholic like the plague. It is true that a large percentage of the profiles are Online Cuties used by the site for so called entertainment purposes. the rest are inactive profiles or bots. I have spent almost two months on that site and never had a decent conversation with anyone. I wrote dozens of messages and answered dozens of messages and flirts with just a couple of replies of course from Online Cuties. This site is a scam in itself. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

  67. Reply Fulnecky 15/11/24

    These two sites rotate back and forth and have separate accounting. That is, they wish to charge you twice. I had some back and forth texts for several months, but, inexplicably, the person would vaporize when a real meeting at a restaurant, or anywhere, would approach. The pictures are HOT in some cases, and the bio lines are designed to be alluring to men. They seem to say the things that YOU KNOW women would never really say, the things THAT ARE WRITTEN in the unconscious minds of all men under influence of testosterone. That’s why they’re so appealing. But, mysteriously, the towns that the women live in will change over time-or they will “drop out” to fall in lust as one explanation said. They’re hot women SOMEWHERE, but probably drawn from a model pool, or escort service working with photographers in Nicosea, Cyprus, or perhaps Italy or Czeck Republic. Not close enough to meet for dinner, drinks,,and a motel room, you can be sure. I bailed out at about six months, which makes me pretty stupid, but on the other hand, I’ve dated women for two or three years before that turned out to be gold diggers or prostitutes, and that cost THOUSANDS. So it’s just like buying a Playboy or something…you just don’t really ever think you’ll meet THOSE chicks for dinner, do you?

  68. Reply John Wood 16/02/12

    Very interesting site only that is a fake. You are only communicating with a server that answers idiotically :} Yes babe, No babe, its interesting because the marketing design is such, that lets you imagine you are starting a good relation with some nice girl next subdivision apartment but is nothing like that, then when you want to cancel the billing you can’t. I had to cancel my credit card other wise this folks will never let allow me to stop the payments. Just think this for a moment ; You are a real person, would you take out your pants, shirt, blouse, etc. and take your own photo nude and then put it in a web page for every one to see you? You may do it, but not every one. Here are hundred photos of girls from Europe, Russia, somewhere that agree to take a photo nude and that’s what you are getting plus you are talking 2 or 3 more messages with a computer. Then comes the next photo, then the next one, and so on. You may begin to think your are some sort of superman, when all is fake.

  69. Reply Lilzap 16/03/01

    This site is bullshit .. Don’t use this site unless you want to throw your money away ..there are no real woman on here

  70. Reply Bill Kaminski 16/03/14

    I found a woman the other day in the grocery store that matched on of the Candidates, I approached her eans she was very clear and candid about having shown herself on one other site not the Milfaholic site. And she was pissed beyond belief.
    So as I live in a rural area, I knew most of the women had been fakes as there was no way that 11 totally drop dead women lived in Deroche BC , I dont think the entire population of Deroche is 11, so what can I say.
    There is no question the entire site is a fraud.e

  71. Reply Bozo 16/04/22

    All affiliate sites owned by the same company are fake and full of scammers and fake profiles. The yellow star online cuties are admittedly fake by the tos rules on the sites. The standard blue star profiles are scammers in various parts of the world, but especially in Africa. Mostly in Nigeria is where the scammers that stung me were from. Milfaholic, lonelywifehookup, localmilfselfies, affairalert among others are run by the same company. I use the sites as entertainment and clear cache on browser when I run out of limited profiles to see. Since I have a free account, I get many messages without being able to see or respond unless I upgrade to waste my money and waste my time interacting with bots or paid site phonies. Most sites like this are fake with the exception of Ashley Madison which has some real people on them which may not be very attractive and defective in someway, so beware there as well, plus their data breach didn`t help me at all. Extortionists are busy trying to fleece hush money byway of bitcoins. Advice there is to close your email account and don`t take their threats serious as those that committed suicide did when the news broke. Good luck!

  72. Reply Mike 16/06/13

    It only took 3 days and less than $100 to realize what a horrendous scam this is. It is more corrupt than politics and that is saying something. Anybody you chat with is a scammer employee of milfaholics. I got my real proof of how corrupt they are when the stupid idiot scammer sent the same chat on two different girls. Enough said, beware!

  73. Reply MUSTAFA SHARRIF 16/07/10


  74. Reply MUSTAFA SHARRIF 16/07/10


  75. Reply James McClanahan 16/08/10

    I began to sense that milfaholic was a scam when I was receiving posts from too many women in smaller communities surrounding Tucson. I come from a small town & there is no way that the number of milfs exist in these locations. Even Tucson had too many, given its population.

  76. Reply Ken bliss 16/11/26

    milfaholics & localmilfselfies both are jokes. only reason I came (pun intended) to local molds was that my exes pic was there. and it is her b/c she replied with a snotty line she’s said before.
    regardless, I’ve enjoyed collecting the pics. try this tho guys, I’m getting a good vibe off one hall so in the tweet box I’ve written ” FIND ME ON CL, MISSED CONNECTIONS” Hopefully the web pimps can’t stop what they do on theirfree time and maybe hook up with ya ! good hunting gentlemen, with any luck, we get laid, and the internet Nazis miss their Ferrari payment.

  77. Reply me 17/01/24

    This site shows profiles of women they live in my town but I know for a fact they do not live here I know every women in this small town. So I am assuming that the other women on here are fake also don’t waste you money

  78. Reply richard martin 17/01/29

    Fuck Exchange is the same way the ladies are also in other states and if all those ladies are in the town they say they are in my part of the country there would be a hole town of nothing but big tited woman that know nothing about the town there in

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