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exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. many of the women on the site are completely nude.
  2. Chat messages appear when you are logged on the site.
  3. Emails from “local” women are received shortly after signing up on the site.

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. All men love attractive women especially if they are nude, it is human nature. The problem with this site is that is ridiculously saturated with beautiful nude females. From our experience with online dating sites we can tell you that a site filled to the brim with fictitious females is usually a tell tale sign of a scam. It is impossible that there are that many attractive nude women seeking sex. The reason behind all the fictitious profiles is because for one, there is not enough legitimate women using the dating site so they basically create phony profiles to make it seem like the site has thousands of women using the site.
  2. Another tactic also used to deceive people is the instant messages that you see when you are on the site. The chat messages we received that would pop up on the bottom right hand of the computer screen are phony. The deception is that the women chatting with you aren’t even real. The scam is that you need to buy a paid membership to read the chat messages that these nonexistent women are sending you. How they are able to send phony chat messages is through the use of computer programs that are created specifically for this reason.
  3. Along the same lines of phony chat messages is the emails we received. We received 2 emails just minutes after register on the site from local women. In order to read the 2 emails we would need to upgrade by paying with a credit card. And yes the women emailing are completely fictitious as well.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Name: Together Networks Ltd
  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: 0844 482 9585
  • Addresses: Together Networks Ltd Vincenti Buildings 28/19 (Suite No. 1374) Strait Street VLT 1432 Valetta, Malta

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name: Thekla Christofi
  • Telephone: 35722030401
  • Address: Nelson House, Pitronnerie Road St. Peter Port  GY1 2RL Great Britain
  • Email:
  • Phone: 44.1481720924
  • Registered On: December 11, 2013
  • Dns Servers:,
  • Host Location: 5th Floor, 7 Castle Street Midlothian, Edinburgh EH2 3AH Great Britain

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 0/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 0/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Between all the fictitious females and phony emails it is strongly suggested not to purchase any membership on this site.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Jack on
1000% SCAM

Everything I have read is true. It is a total scam from conning you into the initial $5.95 to making it so difficult to cancel you get soaked for $39.99
Most women on here are Cam girls scamming you so they can charge your CC
Lots of Ghana girls also with sick grandmothers trying to scam

by Fred on
100% SCAM!

DO NOT join this site as there is not ONE SINGLE POSITIVE about it! ALL of the "women" (personally I believe it's one dude in some dark basement someplace with his wanker in one hand & his other working some list of pre-programmed, nonsensical "replies") are from either another state or more likely another country (Ghana, South Africa & Ukraine seem to be the main two), even though their profiles claim that they are in YOUR TOWN!! There is NO customer service ... everything is "supposedly" done via e-mail, where to cancel or make certain changes to your account you're supposed to receive some e-mail within a hour (an e-mail which NEVER comes by the way) ... & what in the hell system these days takes a friggin' hour to send a goddamn e-mail anyway? Bottom line is: The "take your money" part works without a hitch, the "Get The Hell Outta Here" part is IMPOSSIBLE (I finally had to cancel my credit card to deal with these ass-holes), & the "women" on the site are either not women at all, or some idiot computer program that actually replies to you, but the reply has NOTHING to do with what you're talking about. STAY AWAY OR NEEDLESSLY LOSE YOUR MONEY!! It's a GUARANTEE that the bastard who owns this stinking web site is lounging on some beach in Tahiti on YOUR $40 contribution!!!! These people need to be PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN!!!! We need to stop spending money on red light cameras & other bullshit like that & spend it on eliminating ass-holes like these instead!

by chris on

paid for a 3 day membership. i immediately went to cancel the automatic renewal feature so i wouldn't be charged $40.99. i followed the lengthy steps and waited for a special cancellation code to be sent to my email within 1 hour of following the steps. i didn't receive any code or any confirmation of cancellation email as stated in their help section. i tried repeatedly over the 3 days to contact and cancel my membership through their site. it's as if they designed their website to have a technical issues at that point in the cancellation process. so now i have been billed for $40.99. all attempts to contact them through their own site have failed and had to call a support number. called the number and was asked what site i was calling about. spoke to a poorly speaking indain who told me it was a technical issue with their site and they could not refund my money. read the fine print she told me. asked to speak to a supervisor. then another. up the chain of command i went. i then was told i was speaking to the supervisor of supervisors, in badly broken english. what ever that meant. after i again informed her what had happened and that i would be contacting the federal trade commission, the florida attorney generals office and the pay pal fraud division she told me she would give me 3 months membership. this is a site that baits you into buying a membership then screws you again when you can't cancel the automatic renewal feature. i found this site on plenty of fish site which i thought was honest....thought the 2 were connected. WRONG. ok i admit to being a newbie on these dating sites. learned the hard way. heres my advice stay to the well known named dating sites and find reviews on them before you do anything.

Another unhappy customer from!

by Ryan Dierking on

Do noDierkingt go on this sight. I paid for a three day trail and they automatically upgraded me to vip package and charged 15 to my account. Site is a scam. Nobody on line in my area all from a different state or county if they are even real.



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  1. Reply joe 14/05/21

    Like the previous posters, I was automatically charged a month’s subs after the 3 day trial, with no warning. I persisted with the site but found that almost all profiles are fake. I have corresponded with about 20 “women” on the site but only three were genuine and one of those was an escort. The rest were either camgirls looking for people to watch their pay shows, or act as touts for the site to keep subscribers on the hook. All contact requests to site support have failed.


  2. Reply daNdaN 14/05/24

    I subscribed for 3 days and immediately cancelled and sent the company an email to say please make sure you cancel me and they never did. They went ahead and charged me £45.99, and when i tried to ask for refund, they said i did not cancel and that i cannot be refunded.

  3. Reply Fred 14/06/18

    Absolutely the WORST “dating website” on the planet!!! Not only do these bastards rip you off to the point where you end up having to cancel your credit card, all of the “women” on this site are fucking scammers from Ghana, South Africa or Ukraine or WHEREVER … ANYWHERE but near YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, even though they all claim to be in your neighborhood!

    I was an IDIOT & wasted $40 on this COMPLETELY WORTHLESS PILE OF CRAP!!! Now YOU have been warned … if you lose one red cent on this FUCKING CRAP web site then you’re a bigger idiot than I am! HYSTERICAL LOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reply Lance 14/07/09

    I signed up for a 3-day trial membership, automatically converted to a 1-month (45,99 !!!) membership. I Unsubscribed with to make sure the subscription is cancelled.

    • Reply Andrew 17/04/30

      How have they been getting away with this for so long? Sure wouldn’t be going on for long here in the USA.

    • Reply Andrew 17/04/30

      How have they been getting away with this for so long? Sure wouldn’t be going on for long here in the USA.
      I also read reviews first. They’re not getting my money. Been scamed before so I’m very careful.

  5. Reply Pat 16/02/16

    Gents ALWAYS read the Reviews.
    We will get caught out with all the so called messages when you sign in.
    Have you ever noticed how many messages etc you get when 1st signing up or your speaking to someone and they dont answer your question. Your talking to a computer.
    No law against it.
    Thank god i just signed in on a free and went straight to reviews.

  6. Reply Fucken have 17/10/20

    The biggest scam out all the so called ladies r in in it to fuck write u orf c down go thru it again never again

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