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Name Of Site


exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. This site has images of nude women plastered through out the site.
  2. The “member tweets” are used to give the site authenticity.
  3. You will receive emails shortly after registering on the site with a free account.

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. Pretty much every fraudulent dating site uses images of beautiful women that are many times nude. The women in these images are not actual members of the dating site. The sole purpose of these photos is to get you to upgrade and purchase a monthly subscription that will cost you $29.95. The scam is very simple to understand. If you find someone you want to communicate with it is necessary to upgrade to a paid membership. As a male you will probably get excited at the thought of meeting these women in the photos. But of course they are not legitimate members, so you will never meet these women in person because they are fictitious.
  2. Once you are logged onto the site you can see “member tweets”, these are all fabricated as well. These tweets are most likely using some form of computer software script  to make it appear as if women on the site are tweeting but it’s all part of the trick to entice you to upgrade.
  3. If you have registered on your email inbox is probably full of emails from ULust. These emails say “…wants to see a photo of you’”, “You have a new flirt from..” and “… wants to see a profile for you”. These emails are all phony.  Obviously if you receive these emails and you don’t know any better chances are that you will read them and click the link in the email. Once you click on the link in the email, you get sent to the upgrade page where it states “Upgrade to VIP Now to Unlock Advanced Features”. It’s all part of the con to get you to upgrade to a paid membership.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email: or
  • Phone numbers:  Toll Free: 1-866-883-4978 or 1-925-264-3473
  • Billing support: 1-(800)-893-8871    Int. Tel.: 1-(310)-664-5810
  • Addresses:

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Phone: 1.5994338810
  • Registered On: June 8, 2004
  • Host Location: 550 W. Baseline Rd Ste 102-302 Mesa, Arizona USA

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

This site offers very little value for men seeking women to meet in person. It is recommended that you do not upgrade to a paid monthly subscription.

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