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Name Of Site

Url: is associated with Global Personals Media which owns sites such as and

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. This site like countless other scam dating sites uses images of attractive women that are not actual members of the site (not all images are fake but a good portion are).
  2. The site uses geo targeting to make it appear as if the women in the images you are viewing are located close to you.
  3. You will receive instant messages shortly after creating a free account on the site.
  4. You will receive emails from women want to hook up with you (even if your dating profile has no photos and very little info).

scam How Does This Site Deceive & Scam People?

  1. deceives people by using images of women (nude & clothed) who are not actual members of the site. This is done to grab the attention of horny men so they will sign up and purchase a paid monthly membership, so they can communicate with the women on the site. The scam is that the women they thought were real, were in fact bogus dating profiles.
  2. The use of automated chat software to send instant messages to people that appear to be sent by real women are actually fictitious. All the messages you receive when logged onto the site are totally fake, and used as a method to deceive you into upgrading your free membership into a paid monthly subscription.
  3. Automated emails that appear to be sent from legitimate local women are emailed to members who have a free account. Computer bots send out these emails to 1000s of people. The scam is in order to reply to these emails you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription, and of course when you reply back to the emails well the girl wasn’t real in the first place. The bottom line is that you will never actually meet the girl who sent you the email in the first place, because they are fictitious.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: technical support: 1-877-717-3257 or 1-305-712-6612
    billing support: 1-855-443-5464 or 1-310-526-2151
  • Addresses:

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name:  Anthony Singhavong
    tel: 35722030401
  • Address: 445 San Leon Irvine, California 92606 United States
  • Email:
  • Phone: (949) 385-0872
  • Registered On: December 21, 2001
  • Dns Servers: NS1.DPNET.COM NS2.DPNET.COM
  • Host Location: 709 Washington Ave Miami Beach FL 33139 USA

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness:1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 2/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on the evidence that we have found it is strongly suggested not to do any type of business with Your chances of meeting up with real women is very slim. As always it’s your choice, this information is provided to help you out, but the final decision is yours.

Meet Real Local Women

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Keith D'Antonio on

Bullshit .like they say if it too good to to be true it is.
i cant belive i fell for it.

Sorry you got scammed from InstaBang. Maybe call customer support to get your money back, or call your bank and reverse the charges?

by Eric Rosow on
send the perpetrator to prison

The review is 0 stars. period. I am going to work with authorities about this sight and all the sites like it. I will not rest until at least one of the jerkoffs goes to prison. I have a lot of pull in this area as a prosecutor being my line of work. The reason I know one or more will go to prison:
Phony web sites are my main target as a prosecutor and is the reason why I signed up in the first place. I have been extremely successful getting prison results as I thoroughly enjoy my work of nailing web site cheats.

These people should be investigated for fraud and illegal activities. Prison would be a good start!

by Dan on
Fake as hell

They are all fake. I would be leery of any Paid dating site. If you have to pay to get ass, thats sad but buy the sure thing.

by Mary on

I guess I'm on there and but I never made an account how do I get it off of there

by Matthew on

i signed up for that site but im not a subscriber and id like to know how to get rid of it off my e-mail. I dont see why sick people would do crap like that to other people!

, ,


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  1. Reply Shannon 14/01/06

    I didn’t sign up for this site but yet theirs a profile of me and my pic is on it. The only way I found out about this is a friend of mine recognized my pic. Going on this I’d say this site is either totally bogus or its members are being catfished!

    • Reply Admin 14/01/06

      You can contact them to take down your photo.

      • Reply Amanda 14/02/18

        I just found out that my pictures are up on the site to but I’d never even heard of the site until thirty minutes ago. How do I contact Admin to get my pictures taken down?

  2. Reply mike 14/01/31

    the websites listed are scams by what you read on how to tell.

  3. Reply garry 14/02/05

    i dont want to recieve email to this website

    • Reply Admin 14/02/05

      Please contact they are responsible for any emails you receive from them.

  4. Reply kendra 14/02/12

    i received a email from this site yesterday telling me to confirm my email address, i didnt know what it was so i clicked the link and couldnt believe it to see a dating site type thing for nude pic’s, sex webcamming etc etc as you’ll guess from the name of the site what it is, so this profile is set up in my name and email address, it say’s im a 28 yr old man im (a woman) and im looking for online flirting, possible relationship, 3sum’s, andi live Hot Springs National Park, AR america, i live in the uk, i didnt sign up to it, and i cant delete it either, ive just read someone on here saying the same thing happened to them, how can i find out the ip address of who set it up? or is it just a total fake scam site? anyone know anything ????

  5. Reply marcus 14/03/16

    all of you ppl on here including the person who made this page sound fucking stupid. This is a real site I’ve met more than 1 girl on here. The site does automate messages to get you to upgrade your account- once I upgraded my account I got more action. Its a “white label to” do your homework ppl fling and aff are the 2 largest adult social networks online. THEY ARE REAL!!

  6. Reply Ross 14/03/31

    I agree with Marcus that he said Instabang is a real site. I have met a few women and spoke to one on the phone from this site so they are real people. If you know about these dating sites being scams, you should be careful but not all sites are scams.

    • Reply Admin 14/03/31

      Not my experience on InstaBang. I get emails as soon as I signed up even without have photos in my dating profile.

  7. Reply Mike 14/05/15

    Ross and Marcus are both fake, and both from probably. This site, and are both fake. They both use fake profiles, and load the site up with non-existent people to draw you in with the promise of contact, and it is all fake. How many of you went there and had messages and people asking to chat with you before you even put a single piece of data about yourself? Now go signup for any other social site, and tell me how many people are CLAWING to talk to you without any information about yourself? Exactly. Use your head. Totally fake.

  8. Reply stlcookie 14/07/01

    well i’ve met a couple dudes from off here one living right up the street from me..and now we’ve been messing around for over 3 months now so it’s actually a real site. i am a real person and if you a mf don’t believe me ion care but the dick ain’t lie for no one and he put it down! i’m about to call him right now and im going to his crib. shidddd it ain’t nothing!!

    • Reply Admin 14/07/01

      It might work for gay males seeking other males but for straight men seeking women it is a scam.

  9. Reply matt 14/08/23

    Its pretty funny actually. I used to be friends with tgis Korean girl named Nora many years ago. She did a lot of modeling years ago. It showed “women in my area” no shit there was her pic. I instantly knew this shit had to be fake. Don’t fall for it. Before you pay for anything make sure you research.

  10. Reply Jim 14/09/28

    Another problem is with billing. Paid for one month subscription, 2 credit card charges appeared, second charge was charged for a “bonus site”. Called to inquire, was told when you clicked the sign-up agreement, this bonus came by default. Cancelled immediately, lost privilege to use right away but never got refund. Cancelled membership online 2 days before expiration, was told “cancelled” but never got email confirmation. Credit card charged again 2 days later, emailed again to demand refund. This time got email confirmation account cancelled, but still no refund. Lost privilege too. They waited 2 days until membership expiration, then claim they never received online cancellation before expiration. Their policy is no refund after charges were made. Now I paid for second month but still can’t access. Filed complain to credit card company.
    Also, their website states “free life time membership” is not true. Lost access as soon as I cancelled. This is fraud.
    Apparently many people experienced similar experiences. This problem is listed among their “FAQ’s”, but they do not address about refund, only cancellation. When you do cancel, you’ll see a warning message stating all charge-backs are investigated thoroughly, and your username/email may end up on their black list. Apparently, many have requested charge-backs from their credit card company.

  11. Reply amanda 14/10/16

    believe me, I do not work for this company. I too have met nice guys on here. Some may be fake but I block them if I find out…Some guys do use fake pics…But you just have to be careful and if it doesn’t feel real its not, but to say whole site is fake is not true…BELIEVE ME>>>>>>

    • Reply Admin 14/10/18

      It’s different for girls obviously. Of course you can meet guys, the guys are real on but MOST of female profiles are indeed fake. I’m glad it worked for you but for men it is much tougher since most female profiles are fake.

  12. Reply These f-ers sighs 14/12/20

    They are all over the tinder dating ap spamming the heck out of it trying to trick guys into signing up for their sick spammy websiye cuz their lowlifes and have nothing better to do with their time then ruin a good free dating ap like tinder. smdh. Some people are just so stupid in this world it never ceases to amaze me any. If no one willingfully wants to pay and join your site,… branch out and recruit I guess by any means necessary is their motto I guess. They really do deserve some legal action taken against these losers though. Someone needs to get authorities on these guys. People like them suck and will be losers for life.

  13. Reply raymond 15/03/09

    site is trash

  14. Reply Jake 15/05/02

    Instabang won’t let me use the email address I have used for That means their database system is clitchy and stupid. What else can one expect from stupid scammers?

  15. Reply Tom 15/05/19

    I am reading the posts and the consensus is it’s a scam. But it goes further than this for a prosecutor. It’s called bait and switch. I always read the Terms and Conditions for use. Almost all say they create accounts and the site is for entertainment only. However, Instabang says,

    “No Service Created Profiles

    Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service whether to increase member numbers or entertain or otherwise engage with users of the Service nor for any other purpose.”

    So which is it. no fakes, and yet the hottest pics of women that do not exist on the site? I didn’t join but these guys need to be prosecuted for offering one thing to get you to subscribe and giving you something completely different, like real people.

  16. Reply Juan 15/06/15

    I disagree with the person who posted this about is a real site and I’m having lot of fun with different girls I just met there.some of them are real,others are not,and the one who are not real are webcam models who want you to go to another site and register.the real ones will not do this,and they will chat with you on the instabang site. I only got charged $9.97 dollars for the first month of membership with Instabang.

    • Reply Admin 15/09/17 is not legit, did you actually meet any of the girls?

  17. Reply Vee 15/09/17

    Hi budd how r u u all guys. Buddy i just wanna ask u instabang website is fake. ok the thing is i already paid money for my account so till now everything is alright but can u suggest me about later on what can happen they can do somerhing take off money from ur accout or something like that thing can be happen just suggest me i need ur advice please thanks for ur time

    • Reply Mike J 15/11/13


  18. Reply lisha 15/11/08

    Hello! Another criticism against sites that rely on income from businesses is that they are reluctant to post negative reviews since that undermines their business model. This leads to a conflict of interest.

  19. Reply e 16/01/10

    New but did some homework
    Aff is full of scammers they r real!
    My first attempt lasted 2 weeks got plaid by many actually ended up w about 30 deactivated”friends” in a roe then tried fbook hookups and passion they are all 3 the same company and have several others
    Tried xmeet all fake bots. Try anything free lifetime and wow about a 1000 smokin little hotties all in my city that would mean everyone near me wants me! Not! Why be naughty-naughty dates and their affiliates are allowed to all ready be an app on my android makes me hate my phone too! About the others I’ve observed all phony!tried a profile on Match to test the waters ( even though I’m in a situation) was totally honest w profile and that I was looking for NSA to the point no misleading. Denied said I was married! I’ve been divorced since-96 I did find one I really like it doesn’t use adds or computer generated profiles and my responses-due to my witt charm and flattery was amazing but even nice guys get tired of reliving the past and how they got there. The response time was ridiculous. You can flatter there panties off but don’t get anything but a week later ill get a few messages like your different interesting think we should talk promising but guys aren’t wired to wait a week for a one line answer send another flattering paragraph wait a week get a your “cute this may work” send another message with number wait a week then I wanna get to know u here first but I put my pic and number out to them???
    I’m still keep in that one under wraps the ladies seem genuine but scared. I’m 5’6″—130 lbs if its raining out???
    So if anyone working for these companies can prove me wrong or misleading give them my number I’d love to talk to them w a lawyer so always read the terms and conditions because that’s where u agree to let them screw u. Does anyone really want a 39.95 video package snuck on their credit card after the 39.95 site charge w all the free porn out there?I’d have better luck putting my number here…..

  20. Reply e 16/01/10

    Oh yeah just about every good review of any”adult” themed site is fake too! The real internet creeps r the ones running the bogeous apps ! Not cool 95% should be banned!##!#!#!##

  21. Reply leo 16/05/12

    Guys is a real dating or a scam site please say i think amanda not one of instabang

    • Reply Admin 16/05/12 uses bots from what we saw and has lots of negative reviews.

  22. Reply leo 16/05/12

    is instabang real i think amanda is telling the truth

    • Reply Admin 16/05/12 uses bots from what we saw.

  23. Reply Knives 16/07/22

    I think if people aren’t educated enough about marketing, the Internet is not the place for them to be making transactions. If you’re not a part of any affiliate programs, then good for you too, for helping to educate.

  24. Reply Joseph patti 17/02/21

    Instabang is a terrible site .. Customer service is non existent ..

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