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exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Use of fake female dating profiles to entice men to sign up and upgrade to a paid monthly membership.
  2. Use of automated bots to send out emails disguised as real women .
  3. Lots of negative reviews online.
  4. Deceptive business practices
  5. Difficult to find company contact info.
  6. Hard to cancel account.
  7. In business for a short period of time.
  8. Domain name information is hidden from public view.

scam How Does FreeLifeTimeFuckBook Scam People?

  1. They use an age verification scam (you need to input your credit card details to verify you are over 18 years of age) to activate your “free account”, which deceptively enrolls into  a paid monthly membership costing you $49.95 a monthl.
  2. You get automatically enrolled into 2 other monthly memberships, when you “verify you are over 18”. You are enrolled into a porn site called, which is a 2 day trial @ $1.96 that automatically renews to $39.61/monthly, and also a monthly membership to at $28.87/month.

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone number: (866) 820-9084, (877) 597-3436 or (877) 902-4775
  • Address: Renaud Enterprises Ltd, 8 Pelaw Crescent, Chester LE Street County Durham DH2 2HU United Kingdom

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 2/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on the report card this site is not recommended, please use caution if you are still interested in interacting with

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  1. Reply chiuzor 13/09/19

    looking for girl can sex me

  2. Reply JOHN 13/10/06

    Everyone ready for a great laugh? This websight is giving false information to the public regarding websights. The number (866) 820-9084 listed above is not associated with the websight in question. I am going out on a limb here, but I am betting this post is from Fuckbook admin to keep you from canceling your subscription, ANOTHER FUCKING SCAM LOL

    • Reply Admin 13/10/06

      Hi John,

      If it is false please leave a comment with the right information. Were not associated with FuckBook admin. We thought that was the right information when we posted it, Why would we make a website with false info? Would have just as easily not put this info on the web at all, and then you would have no info on how to cancel your account right? This site is NOT associated with FuckBook at all, that is the truth believe it or not.

  3. Reply srinivas 13/10/18

    i created a profile at but i did not enter my credit card number n ither details, i clicked on the option “no thanks remind me later” do u think i will be scammed by just creating the profile i got a bit worried after knowing about the site is not safe

    • Reply Admin 13/10/18

      no you won’t get scammed, you will be fine.

      • Reply dexsm21 14/05/07

        this site wont let me cancel my subscription, f*ck you

        • Reply Admin 14/05/08

          contact the web site please don’t swear in our comments…

  4. Reply srinivas 13/10/18

    thanks for the relief

  5. Reply srinivas 13/10/18

    is there a way i can delete my profile

  6. Reply Tom 13/10/31

    Has anyone ever hooked up on this website? If not/if so, how was the experience?

    • Reply Admin 13/10/31

      The site is a scam, stay away from it!!

  7. Reply Jake 13/11/06

    is there a way i can delete my profile

  8. Reply jeo ofor 13/12/19

    is there a way i can delete my profile

  9. Reply Greg 13/12/23

    Absolutely it’s a total scam. I can confirm everything stated here! I was duped with the “card needed for age verification only” scam and got my card billed. I reported it immediately to my bank as FRAUD and got a refund straight away, no worries there.

    • Reply Admin 13/12/27

      Sorry you got scammed, at least you received a refund. Good for you. is a very nasty scam, guys watch out and if you get scammed call your bank and tell them what happened.

  10. Reply maxin 14/01/23

    I tried to log in to find some one(mary412) but could not and also I
    just sign up yesterday and I forget my password.
    pls help

  11. Reply MichyaelLouisGarris 14/03/02

    Michael Hi: You look and sound good can’t even see you on the internet.

  12. Reply jonn 14/04/23

    yep this site is garbage, thanks for this scam report.

  13. Reply joe blower 14/06/22

    theres tons of fake women on the dating sites trying to lure guys onto verification sites to get hold of your card details so beware of all these fukin scam sites theyre all the same .fake bullshit profiles using hot women models .
    i didnt get taken in because i read all the negative reports online

  14. Reply Daniel 14/09/12

    I can reed in here. That was a bad ideer to get a membership I will try RIGHT NOW to delete my account. I was also wondering why all the profile I was get in mailbox only answered back with the same answers as earlyer.

  15. Reply Sumit 15/09/12

    HI i put my credit card detail and get activated their gold membership but immediately emailed them and they replied

    “We received your email. Your Gold Membership is cancelled, which means that you will no longer have access to our Tube Section and our VIP Section”

    Should i have to take tension and required to take any action.


  16. Reply Wegge Urman 17/08/10

    I just regognized that 2 erotic websites charged my Credit card for more than 250US$ and I not even know their name before, which is: and
    Just a warning to everybody that this websites are spam and you can only lose money

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