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Url: is a smaller less popular dating site however the list of complaints and people complaining about the site being a scam are growing online. We have read through their terms and agreement page and can attest that the site uses unethical business practices, which may be illegal. The site should be looked at by the FTC for possible consumer fraud.

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Use of fake female dating profiles created to lure male members to join the site and then upgrade to a paid monthly subscription.The use of fake profiles is discussed in section 11 d on this page.
  2. Use of automated bots to send out emails disguised as real women. The use of bots is discussed in section 11 d on this page.
  3. Lots of negative reviews online.
  4. Deceptive business practices
  5. Difficult to find company contact info (physical address, phone numbers and email adress).
  6. Company is located offshore of the United States.
  7. Difficult to cancel account.

scam How Does FindCheaters Deceive & Scam People?

    1. FindCheaters uses computer bots called “Online Cupids”, that act like real users. They can send emails to you and also send instant messages to you while you are on the site.
    2. Fake dating profiles called “Online Cupids” are used to deceive and entice members with a free account to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription.

contact Company Contact Information

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name: Live Channels LLC
  • Address: 6777 Embarcadero Drive Suite #3 Stockton, CA 95219 USA
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-209-477-7676

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: o/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 2/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on the report card, receives a failing grade. The site has too many negative points. If you plan on using the site take caution, we highly recommend against it.

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  1. Reply Raphael Najera 14/03/21

    The site is undisputedly a TOTAL SCAM. When a person joins the site a non-paying member the person starts receiving messages from “other members” – females that are interested in meeting for hook ups, but the only way to allegedly “contact them” is to become a paying member. Most, if not all of their female members are fake profiles … the same pictures as well as very similar profiles appear at other adult social sites well known for being a scam, also located outside of the USA, and also located in Cyprus. It is very curious that in several of the alleged profiles that claim to located along the northern USA in outdoors pictures posted most of the vegetation identified is vegetation native to the Mediterranean – subtropical region. I am an expert in plant biology and pathology. I can see it possible for a couple or three alleged members that claim to reside somewhere in the northern USA to post images from a trip to a subtropical region, but when in several profiles there is specific vegetation group that grows in a limited amount of locations outside of the USA subtropical regions there is no credibility … too much to be a coincidence.

  2. Reply D Santos 14/04/07

    The site is obviously a scam. I have used and tried to contact several women. I got responses on the email but all I read sounds like a professional responder on the other side. On the second contact I demanded a different form of contact to make sure that there was a real person on the other side and they just keep you at evasive answers. I did the same for almost a hundred women who allegedly lived nearby, and I was never able to get a real contact by a differente email or phone.

  3. Reply Alexander 14/06/17

    I would have to say that 90% of these date sites are just that, scams. Anyone that’s foolish enough to join any one of these sites after having a real look around is just wasting their money and their precious time. If someone’s looking for a real date site do yourself the favor since you already are online and using a computer,.. Search the site that you’re interested in and see for yourself just what write ups have been written about the particular site that you are interested in joining. Afterwards you’ll be quite happy that you did. Remember not everyone that you meet online is sincere and honest in their intentions. Good Luck!

  4. Reply rudel nolan 16/01/29

    biggest scam no real people returns no dates no live chat rooms and all reponses seem real but no dates no 3 free months if no dates no custermer service help returned call promise no picture upload help rearruring chages on credit card after cancellations told u find cheaters i was going to trash ur site next call to the better business bureau and i hope theatternoy generals take u site and horney affairs off the web lets see who scammed who. make sure u read the fine print on these date sites or any site people!

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