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Url: is an adult dating site that has taken off in the last few months, and has caught our attention.  We created an account on the site to verify all the facts stated below and have come to a conclusion based on hard facts and evidence.

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. Use of fake female dating profiles to entice men to sign up and upgrade to a paid monthly membership.
  2. Use of automated bots to send out emails disguised as real women .
  3. Lots of negative reviews online.
  4. Deceptive business practices
  5. Difficult to find company contact info.
  6. Hard to cancel account.

scam How Does EroticAds Deceive & Scam People?

  1. They use automated bots called “Online Emmisaaries” to interact with male members. They send out emails and instant messages created to look like they are being sent from local women interested in you, but they are actually bots used to get you to upgrade your membership. After you upgrade to a paid membership the emails stop. The use of automated bots (Online Emmisaaries) can be found in the terms and agreement page on in section 14.
  2. The use of fake female profiles are used to entice men to sign up for a free account, then upgrade to a paid monthly membership.

contact Company Contact Information

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Experienced Inc.
  • 8770 Sunset Drive #190 Miami FL 33173-3512 USA
  • Phone: 954-552-3906

blue-check Report Card

  • Trustworthiness: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 2/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on the report card this site is not recommended, please use caution if you are still interested in interacting with

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  1. Reply james 13/11/01

    I was a dummy and joined, was thinking with the wrong head. How do I terminate my membership?

  2. Reply stan 13/12/20

    I joined and this page pretty much says it all. I got the phony emails and all that. I never bought any type of membership though. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Reply Admin 13/12/27

      There are very few if any real girls on

  3. Reply Scum need to die 13/12/27

    I blame law enforcement for allowing these types of scams to flourish and continue without being brought to justice. If only the government took these matters serious enough, they have the technology to track down these criminals and put them behind bars where they belong and yet they ignore our complaints.

    These scum are allowed to continue to target new people everyday. I once again received more spam from them today, if only I could get my hands on them I would skin them alive.

    • Reply Admin 13/12/27

      They keep creating new sites so it’s hard to keep a handle on these scam dating sites.

  4. Reply Dependable29 14/02/27

    Everything about this site is very fake thanks to my bank been effective that they blocked them from putting direct debit on my acco

  5. Reply Dependable29 14/02/27

    Everything they say about this site is real be facts . They are stealing from people and I was so stupid to have fell into this . They uses fake female profile to entice men and rip off your money and thanks to my bank for been fraud effective that stopped then from putting direct debit on my account . They stole 44 pounds from me already and that is the end for them . Thanks to Barclays Bank that actually stop them from taking more from me .

  6. Reply Peter J 14/03/06

    I fell for the same rubbish on erotic ads.
    I researched their reviews but they have done a few of their own reviews that makes them seem legit .
    They set up a page that makes it look like a company and then they review them selves.
    I joined for one month and found out it was re occurring.
    I then had to cancel my credit card
    Steer clear

  7. Reply ALLTHUMBS 14/09/13

    EROTICADS.COM ======= 2 THUMBS DOWN ====BAD…..BAD…..BAD…………………….. …………….. …………. ………………….. …… …………. ………………….. …… …………. ………………….. ……

    I have been a member for over a month and have yet to find a real female member. If you read reviews listed at the top of results pages on major search engines, and believe them, you are being taken. Those reviews are fake. They are created and submitted as propaganda by the folks who own that site it order to generate traffic. That site does not get anywhere near the amount of members and web traffic that they want you to think that they have. The profiles are phony. Match search results only produce a handful of “members” who have been “active” at all within 6 months, most results you’ll get show up as not even being active for at least 6+ months, but they count them members as numbers when they try to impress you how big and great their “community” is. The site also is full of pop-ups. not occasionally, frequently. It is saturated heavily with pop-ups and sidebar advertising.. You press a link to do something, and another browser tab opens up. It will slow your browser down a whole lot because the tab is opening up a sister webcam site of theirs where they want you to shell out triple what most webcam sites charge per minute. I could go on but you get the idea. I’m reminding you that if/when you read what appear to sound like 3rd party objective reviews which hammer home an impression on you about how great the site is don’t fall for it. Those are not 3rd party. They are fake reviews. They have been carefully disguised to appear as if they are forum boards or review sites run by some independent person(s) giving a “mystery shopper” type report about their experience at trying out the site…. those are all fake.. What you are reading now is by someone who did what you just read and decided to go in and sign up for a membership just to try it out for themself and see for themself.. And I am trying to save you both money and aggravation… Those people are professionals,. And they have money.. This review may get taken down at any time, because they have so much money they can pay to find a way to suppress negative comments like these from people like you finding out in time THE TRUTH… The fact is,,, is not much more than a very attractively appearing CON JOB… Oh it looks great. And it has a great interface.. That’s all superficial. What you want to know is ARE YOU GOING TO ACTUALLY FIND A HOT DATE THERE AND HOOK UP WITH HER IN REAL LIFE…….. good luck… I seriously doubt it,,,, based on what I have seen so far….

  8. Reply Rob 14/10/21

    Ok so firstly I would like to say that I’m fairly convinced eroticads is a scam. 99% of the messages you get are from bots.

    I did manage to find one real woman on there, met with her and had sex. However sad to report that this woman was mercenary to the point I actually wondered if she was actually a prostitute hired by the site lol. No repeat meeting!

    Hopefully the above doesn’t encourage anyone though as it took 250 messages to unearth this “diamond in the rough” and she was no diamond! I would avoid this site in future.

  9. Reply LordInfidel 15/03/18

    Why EroticAds is a scam, a case study.

    For the record, I do not work for any competitor sites. My research was done because I thought the site was too good to be true. Profesionally, I work in Network Security and as part of that, peform ethical hacking. Thus I devised a series of tests to see if the site was real.

    Test 1, I signed up with a free account and put no information or pictures on my profile. Over the next 30 days, I was bombarded with no less then 20 emails per week of “women” wanting to hook up.

    Using googles image search, at least half of the profile pics could be traced to other sites; meaning the images were lifted.

    Test 2, I added in information (high income, etc) and just a profile pic of a set of eyes. Kept it as a free profile and over the next 2 weeks, the same amount of messages came.

    Test 3, Using the same profile, signed up for a silver account. The messages kept coming, but now I was able to reply.

    Test 4/5/6/7: This is where it got fun. I devised 4 tests.
    – Reply back 2 profiles whom I found their pics were lifted from other sites.
    – Reply back to 1 profile whose pic I could not find.
    – Initiate contact with a profile whose pic I could not find.

    For this round of tests, I sent each of them a set of pictures of a single friend of mine who is really good looking. He is that guy on tinder that never has to do the initiating, women always contact him.

    In test 4, I sent a well thought out reply and attached the photos. Over 1 week, the “person” replied back daily, usually late at night. Each time with just a one sentence reply. When I asked them to send me a pic, they were unable to, claiming they did not see that option in the reply. When I asked them to send it to me via email, they claimed that eroticads was their only medium for communicating. When I told them if they wanted to continue to communicate to send me an email, their correspondence stopped.

    In test 5, I sent the link of where I found their profile pic and I attached photos. I received back a response saying “hello cutie”, again one sentence replies. Instead of coming up with unique replies to their messages, I copied and pasted their reply and sent what they said back to them. This occured over a 10 day period, where they were having a conversation with themselves.

    For example, in one exchange they sent me: “There is only one way to find that out.
    Thanks for the digits and the info.”

    I sent them back the same: “There is only one way to find that out.
    Thanks for the digits and the info.”

    I received back: “I’d like to think this is the first step to getting there. LOL Here’s a bit about me, I’m easygoing, passionate, I like to try new things, I’m a hard worker and I believe in treating people with respect.”

    What is interesting is at this point, I stopped receiving the daily barrage of emails from “people”.

    In Test 6, I got a little creative. For this one, I just sent gibberish. And of course, I recieved a reply.

    In Test 7, I did the initiating, and said: “I have found all the profiles on this site to be fake. If you are real, send me a picture with the words “I’m Real” handwritten on a piece of paper. Once I can determine if you are not fake, then we can talk and you can find out that I am who I say I am”

    I picked a profile that did have login activity in the last 24 hours, and did not receive a reply.

    Other Issues I found:
    Even when you are a paid member, everytime you click on something a new window comes up trying to get you to take part in a webcam session.

    As a paid member, going to your profile page, you are asked to upgrade to gold to get unlimited daily emailing. This occurs everytime you go to the profile page.

    On just the home page, 75% of all the content on it is designed to appear that it is real women trying to contact you, but it is really for web cam girls.

    While I am sure there may be a few women on there who are real, (they will usually have multiple pics and are not that attractive), for the most part, the profiles are fake.

    Stick with sites like Adult Friend Finder or hell, use tinder if your single. If your a married guy looking to have an affair, stick with Ashley Madison. Even though they have their fair share of place holder profiles, there are still quite a bit of women on there who are real.

    But stay away from the money pit that is eroticads!

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