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Name Of Site

Url: is owned by HK International Limited which also runs, as well as

exclamation Signs It’s A Scam:

  1. This site use nude women through out the members area.
  2. You will start receiving “flirts” shortly after signing up on the site.
  3. You will receive emails from women shortly after signing up on the site.
  4. The company is located offshore, in S, Guernsey, Channel Islands. A company located off the shore of Great Britain.

scam How Does FlirtHookUp Deceive & Scam People?

  1. Dating profiles with photos of nude women are used in the members area of These dating profiles and all the info including the images are all fabricated, none of these women are real members of the site. They used to trick you into thinking that the site is full of beautiful nude women, who are all local to you. This is all  fictitious.
  2. You will notice that shortly after registering on the site you will receive “flirts” from women. These are not real women, these are automated computer software programs that have been created and used to emulate real users. It may appear as if a hot girl just sent you a “flirt”, but the real truth is that it’s just a computer program actually sending you a “flirt”.
  3. Any emails you receive from women on the site are not genuine. These emails are fictitious and sent to you by computer software programs that have been designed strictly to send emails to free members. The reason behind the use of automated emails is that you will think you are receiving emails from a real girl interested in you, so you will reply back. But, you cannot reply back to any emails with a free membership, so you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.
  4. admits to the use of automated programs and computer bots, that can be found in the site’s terms page. Here is the most important part of that page: “we may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming)”

contact Company Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone numbers: +1-661-705-7087 or 877-812-7144
  • Addresses: Island House Grande Rue St Martins Guernsey, Channel Islands GY4 6RU.

globe Domain Ownership Info

  • Name: HK International Limited
  • Address:  Island House Grande Rue St Martins GUERNSEY, GY4 6RU GB
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1.6505215456

blue-checkReport Card

  • Trustworthiness: o/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • User experiences: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray
  • Complaints: 1/5 x-grayx-grayx-grayx-grayx-gray

Based on the hard facts, as well as actually admitting and outlining there use of automated bots and fake dating profiles on their terms and conditions page (section 6) it is recommended that you not do business with this site.

Meet Real Local Women

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Bogus Booty

Jun 17, 2014 by Scott Hyslop

I live in a small town in the west of Ireland and I was very surprised to find dozens of horny chicks from my local all flirting with me and encouraging me to respond,needless to say one must purchase a minimum of one month subscription ($29.95) to respond to flirts and messages.
I looked for these women on facebook and guess what? they don't exist(duh). Luckily I was always told if something is too good to be true, it usually is so I did not sign up my advise would be for people to search social media for these people flirting and emailing you and if you can't find them then there is your answer.

Flirt local

Jun 16, 2014 by james hatten

four or five days before your subscription runs out, you start to get "hit up " with a bunch of young hotties ! sign up the hotties go away !

May 28, 2014 by Darwin Charlesworth

I am impressed that you posted my challenge to your integrity at all. But then you defended yourself in the manner of a true pro.Your credebility is good with me. It just looked funny. The site your plugging making themselves look that stupid, reflects baddly. that's all. My apology, and thanx. PS Yes they stuck me. Flirtlocal sucks. Next time I'll check with you guys first. Thanx again

Response: You\'re welcome. We are just trying to expose scams, no dating site is perfect but some sites are complete frauds ( that should be shutdown by the FTC. Have a great day!

The dating report

May 27, 2014 by Darwin Charlesworth

Yes Flirtlocal sucks. There's a lot of sites that are owned by the same corporation .You can tell by going to their Help section. submit the same complaint to each site. If you get back the same answer word for word. It's under the same management . So I started to check on your site recommendations. And right away I spot crap at the first site. tells me that 48 miles away there's a hot that likes to have fun and she want's it. Only she's in Sacramento. That's a FIVE HOUR DRIVE. NOT 48 MILES AWAY. Are they just stupid? Or are you getting paid to slam the competition? Or a stack holder trying to boost your quarterly? What's really up? Bet you don't post this.

Response: We have no clue what\'s up. Why not ask It\'s not our doing that they got the logistics wrong, seriously. We am not getting paid to slam, go read other views on FlirtLocal and see how other people like them. If you don\'t like then don\'t use them. They do have real women on, unlike

FlirtLocal Scam

Dec 26, 2013 by Hank

Wish I would have been able to read this page before I signed up. The site is a total scam. Computer generated E-mails will make it appear that women living close are interested. To respond one needs to sign up for a membership. Once a member the e-mails are again computer generated and will give a fake site andd username of a fake person. Don't fall for this dating Scam!

Card problem

Dec 17, 2013 by PETER fergusson

Hello yes just recently setting my card for billing purposes on this FL site,seems as though the card had the last say.My experience then,phone numbers have been wrong when consulting the billing company,no easy answers,a red lettering called ( Too many attempts on your card,Please try again later) came up,sorting out 3 months package,what else have I possibly done right and incorrect???? Peter.

What a Farce

Dec 16, 2013 by Clitty Tigger

Seemed real at first, but after four days no real emails that responded in context to my emails. BE SURE YOU GOOGLE OR ASK about reviews on any dating site you might think is inviting enough to join.

Response: Yes, exactly!

All Bad.

Dec 13, 2013 by John D

Just like the reviewer says, JUST like it.

Seems to be a scam!

Dec 03, 2013 by Alan L

I joined Flirtlocal last week thinking I would be able to get a easy date. What I am thinking now is that it is definetly a scam.

I contacted one of the women about a week ago and first got a response from her last night. I should have known something was wrong when my credit card company called me to find out if I made the purchase.

The response seemed good at the moment, however things changed as of tonight after I contacted her a second time when she gave me her personal e-mail address at work. I contacted her at work and tonight got a second response which looked good. She then gave me another site that she is supposedly on with better pictures of her. When I clicked on the new website address it gave me another site which was similar and I could not find the woman at all!!

If this really a scam and got in the hands of some spammer, I am hoping and praying that it does not e-mail my friends, many who are females and good friends of mine. I wanted this to be very private.

Think before joining this site. I am learning my lesson on how these sites operate and should have done my homework first.

, USA 2.1 5.0 9 9 I live in a small town in the west of Ireland and I was very surprised to find dozens of horny chicks from my local all flirting with me and encouraging me to respond,needless to s

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  1. Reply dan 14/01/23

    Of all the scam sites I have seen this is by far the most legit looking.

    1: Reason I said that is 18 of the profiles I saw on there are of real women that I have either did work with or went to school with. Those I went to school with weree all hoes. Some of the profiles I even knew where they lived going to go ask them about this site I wonder if the site can get sued if possible foe this?.

  2. Reply Marty 14/01/23

    Thanks for this site. I almost just spent money that I really can’t afford. Thanks a million!!

  3. Reply Ingo Berg 14/02/17

    yeah Ive learnt as well..lucky no money spent no credit card Ive joined enough of these free dating sites..and they all the same…BEST ADVICE…research, research, research and dont just accept the first one you them ALL..some of the reviews are FAKE as well !!!..let the buyer BEWARE !!

  4. Reply Steve 14/03/16

    Ok here we go, I was looking on the site and kept getting winks and messages from woman then soon as i signed up i never got nothing and no repleys i wish i had seen this site before dont do it what a load of fucking SHIT. no no no

  5. Reply Dave 14/05/05

    After my wife passed away I thought I would check out these sites and came up, well being an older guy I didn’t want to travel a lot so I thought its local. Well make a long story short I signed up for a one time charge for a year, about two months ago, I have yet to receive an answer from any of the numerous women I have sent messages to. As the old saying goes, “screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me”.

    • Reply Admin 14/05/05

      Sorry to hear you were scammed. At least now you know that is a scam.

  6. Reply me 14/06/17

    I did the free rego was so popular there was girls in my area so i joined up right after that no more replys and every girl had suddenly switched citys these sites are a scam and should be shut down because in reality the women emailing me wouldnt in real life.

  7. Reply Jeremy S 14/07/26

    Oh my gosh, I can not believe it but what I read as signs of what happened, happened to me. what do I do now, I did pay for one year deal, It does not renew, is that true or not. I guess someone got some money. I am so stupid, I have been scammed before, but thought I was being careful, The site was flirtlocal, User name tinytittiesw33, she said to look her up in “” and search for “sxyluv30″ The picture used was of a girl presumably 27 years old laying on her stomach on a bed, and showed her butt, long black hair,and Mexican I think. I did not pay anything on that site, after not finding her, by trying to look for her through the profiles. Nothing.

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